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PRLog (Press Release)Feb. 25, 2014 With the ever dependable growth in GDP and consistently great standing in global trade and industry, there’s really little wonder why more and more investors want to establish a company in Hong Kong. This rich, vibrant and highly urbanized Asian city is a joy to work in, invest in and find business success in.

For investors or small time businessmen who want to form a company in Hong Kong, the wisest, most efficient business decision would be to hire Business Registration Hong Kong, a one-stop shop of all professional corporate services in Hong Kong.

Here are just a few important things that Business Registration Hong Kong can help businessmen with:

1. Business Registration Hong Kong can help provide nominee directors or shareholders. This is a special service given by BRHK. Since Hong Kong companies would need shareholders or directors (only one of each is required), Business Registration Hong Kong can assist in providing nominees for such roles.

2. Business Registration Hong Kong can provide a Hong Kong company secretary and registered office address. This is important. Companies operating in Hong Kong are required to have an HK resident as company secretary and a Hong Kong registered office address.

3. Investors that want to establish companies in Hong Kong must be able to prepare annual tax returns, audit reports and other statutory books. Business Registration Hong Kong can provide this type of service.

Interested to know more about what Business Registration Hong Kong can do for you? They’re just an email or phone call away! Contact them today and be well on your way to establishing a company in Hong Kong.

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