Hotmail Customer Service Support- Brief Hotmail keyboard and key combinations


If you want to be told regarding all new Hotmail keyboard shortcuts, following is the ultimate list of all vital and helpful keyboard shortcuts for Hotmail.

LONDONJuly 7, 2016PRLog — Sometimes we wish there could be shortcut for everything. It is so hectic to switch to mouse for each and every task.

Hotmail is a user friendly mail approach that is designed for its users. For helping its users it keeps on updating its services and application time to time. All this is just done so that user can enjoy hotmail more easily. With little modifications outlook updates its hotmail features for its users as it knows that millions of users use hotmail because it is one of the easiest mail service to use.

When we are in hotmail we need mouse click for performing each and every task of hotmail. Whether it is sending mail message or replying to it. It is sometimes so boring to switch your hand to mouse for every single task. It is because we are unaware about the shortcuts of hotmail. You can use all the keyboard functions in Hotmail. With classics keyboard keys of CTRL you can perform various function with your keyboard itself.

·         To copy a text: CTRL+C

·         To paste the copied text: CTRL+V

·         New message: CTRL + N

·         Delete a message: Supr

·         Answer a message: CTRL + r

·         Send a message: CTRL + Enter

·         Open Messages: CTRL + Caps + o

·         Resend a message: CTRL + Caps + f

·         Hotmail spam marks: CTRL + Caps + j

·         Mark a not read message: CTRL + U

·         Move a mail to a folder: CTRL + Caps + v

·         Open next message: CTRL +

·         Open before message: CTRL +

·         Go to hotmail inbox: F then I

·         Go to drafts mails: F then D

·         Go to sent mails: F then S

With this various shortcuts now using hotmail becomes easier. In case of any hotmail problem immediately call the Hotmail customer service number for instant help and directly talk to Hotmail technical support experts who are understand your hotmail issues and give you proper and appropriate solutions to all your issues. For more information visit this site


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