High Class Living with DLF Valley in vicinity of Panchkula


PRLog (Press Release)Mar. 1, 2014PANCHKULA, India DLF stands for Delhi Land and Finance. This Group is india’s one of the leading Real Estate Developer. More than 100 projects are being delivered by this developer in the metro cities of India. This company was started by Raghuvendra Singh in 1946. In the initial period of this company it was based and restricted to Delhi only, but as the time flows this developer firm exposed a lot and in the last few decades this firm has been the leading developer of India. DLF Group is known for its Infrastructure Quality and construction artifact. This firm has now captured more than half of the india with its projects and maximum of the projects of this firm are placed in Delhi NCR Circle. Delhi NCR consists of Delhi itself, Gurgaon, Noida and some of its surrounding regions.

One of the projects by this Builder is DLF Valley; which is placed in the laps of Nature and Greenery in Panchkula. Panchkula is the only hill station of Haryana and is now under the blessing of DLF Group. It is known to everyone that DLF Group ever makes the history when we talk about Gurgaon the name which is known for its new foundation is DLF Group only. This developer firm has worked a lot for Gurgaon and now gurgaon is known as one of the developed and hi-tech city of India. When we take a look back few decades gurgaon was just a village. Now comes the turn of Panchkula, this city will surely become a place for visit. This Days Real Estate of Panchkula’s real estate is facing a boom in its residential and commercial property price. The only reason behind this is DLF is paying attention over panchkula’s real estate market.

As DLF Valley Panchkula (http://www.nextwaverealtors.com/ dlfvalley.php) is the first project of DLF Group in Panchkula, it is strategically placed in sector 3. The project is designed by one of the renowned Architech of India Mr. Hafeez Contractor. The Project comprises of Low Rise Floors and Plots with the size ranging from 334 Sq. Yrds. – 501 Sq. Yrds. This project is bundled with many of the high class amenities. This project meets the requirement of every person. This project is under construction and the availability of this project is complete. It is planned to be delivered in the near future. To invest in this project is a vise decision and one would surely get incremented return from DLF Valley Panchkula.

For more information visit our website: http://www.nextwaverealtors.com/ dlfvalley.php or contact us @ +91 9810001457, 9958073331 for best deals about DLF Valley new residential plots in Panchkula.

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