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PRLog (Press Release)Feb. 26, 2014HYDERABAD, India Writers are being revered all over the world. In real, the ability to write convincingly is regarded as a talent which a person attains by birth. Vast reading and various experiences in the life will sharpen the talent and thus a perfect writer is taking birth, who will allure people with the magical power of his pen.

After the arrival of internet, writing has achieved a new form also. Various websites, portals and blogs have introduced a new style of writing and there are many people who are using this opportunity widely and earning handsome income. There are many well reputed bloggers also who are commanding a good fan following. Thus the online writers are also getting the same respect as their counter parts in the print world.

However, there is a difference in the style of writing for internet and for print media. When the readers prefer to read in depth when they are reading a book or newspapers, the online readers will never prefer to go deep. In internet the readers are scanning the content rather than reading it. Hence the content should talk about the subject directly when it is on the internet. The content should be front loaded. In other words, the most important points in the contents should be in the beginning of the content. There are several such technical points are to be taken into consideration while writing a blog or for a website.

In order to prepare a group of new generation content writers, Ace Web Academy, an associate of Ace Dezines has come out with a professional course in content writing. Ace Web Academy offers professional content writing course in Hyderabad for those who have a good command over writing English and have a talent to write. The course discuss in detail about various styles or writing on internet such as press releases, web contents, blogs etc. Apart from the styles the course will teach about using keywords effectively.  The course discusses in detail how to make researches on various subjects before start writing about a subject.

According to the institute authorities, there is no basic qualification required to attend the course, but the applicants should have good command over English and a basic talent to write. The duration of the course is two months and the course includes a basic training in search engine optimization too.

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