HappyRemodel.com and HomeImprovementQuotes.com now Offering Free Quotes for Plumbing Projects


PRLog (Press Release)Feb. 21, 2014COLUMBUS, Ohio Home Improvement Referrals VP of Marketing, Michael Orefice, announced the availability of free plumbing quotes for homeowners looking for low cost plumbing work.  Once a homeowner submits a request online, plumbers looking to provide them with low cost, high quality service immediately contact them to make arrangements to provide a free quote.

“We have identified the highest quality plumbers nationwide to provide real time quotes to help homeowners with their emergency and home improvement plumbing needs,” said Orefice, “matching homeowners with free, fast quotes from plumbers is what we do.”

Unlike many websites, where homeowners have to pay a fee to obtain a quote from plumbers, or to access plumber information, HappyRemodel.com and HomeImprovementQuotes.com is free to access and free to request a quote or bid.  The homeowner goes to the website, fills out a form and is called back within minutes.

“Homeowners are looking for high quality plumbers when they need a hot water tank replaced, drain unclogged, a new sink or toilet or even all the plumbing replaced in their home,” said VP Michael Orefice, “we are able to meet the homeowners needs.”

Homeowners looking for a plumber should go to http://HomeImprovementQuotes.com or http://HappyRemodel.com to get a free quote today.  All it takes is a few minutes to complete a form online to start receiving real time quotes from plumbers in their area.

For more information email info@HomeImprovementQuotes.com or info@happyRemodel.com.  If you are a plumber and would like to become part of our plumber network, call 888-225-6593 or visit http://homeimprovementreferrals.com .

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