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PRLog (Press Release)Mar. 31, 2014TORONTO, Canada After a host of important updates since its beta launch in January 2014, Groupiful is introducing an exciting new way to structures its accounts.  When a user subscribes to a premium plan, the subscriber can share their subscription with other users who will also be able to create premium projects.  Premium projects allow subscribers to get additional projects, more collaborators and increased storage limits.  These changes will make Groupiful a flexible option for teams, businesses and even families looking for a better way to collaborate and manage their projects

Overview – What is Groupiful?

Groupiful is a project management web application that keeps you and your team organized so you can spend your time on work that matters.  Groupiful provides teams with the tools they need to stay on track and get things done.  Teams can have discussions, upload files, manage tasks, schedule events and create notes.

Groupiful was designed to provide three key solutions to inefficiencies inherent in project management:

1.   Keep all of your project’s information in one place

Projectsare made up of different types of information which are typically stored in different places.  Events are stored in a calendar, documents shared through email or a cloud storage provider, notes are saved in a notebook or app, discussions take place through email and tasks are a free for all.

Groupiful provides you with a single place to store all of your project’s information.  You can view a project’s tasks, discussions, files, events and notes from a single page.

2.     Collaborate with team members

Sharing information with team members can be difficult.  A project’s information can quickly become useless when it is dispersed amongst several team members (each with different places to store different types of information) .

Groupiful allows you to add team members to your project.  You give them roles to set whether they can add or view information.  Now, you are your team members has a shared place to view and store all of your project’s information.

3.     Manage all of your projects

Unfortunately, none of us have the luxury of working on one project at a time.  Groupiful helps you stay on top of all of your projects through the Dashboard.  The Dashboard aggregates and displays the most important information from all of your projects.  You can view tasks that have been assigned to you, upcoming events and recent posts files and notes.  With a single glance, you can get caught up on all of your projects.

We built Groupiful to help individuals manage and collaborate on their professional, personal and social projects.”  – Jonathan Burshtein, Founder

Major Updates During the Past Three Months

Groupiful has made a host of changes during the past three months, especially in terms of its ability to manage tasks.  Here are just a few of the recent updates


·         Tags – you can add tags to tasks

·         Multiple users – you can assign tasks to more than one team member

·         Statuses – we updated the status types so you can mark tasks as ‘not started’, ‘in progress’, ‘on hold’ or ‘completed’

·         Files – you can add files to tasks

·         Comments – you can add comments to tasks

·         Filters – you can filter tasks by status or tag

·         Print View – you can view a task list in a separate page suitable for printing


·         Calendar – we added a calendar so you can quickly scan your events

·         Calendar Feeds – you can active calendar fees for one project or for your profile to add your events to Outlook or iCalendar


·         Print View – you can view a note in a separate page suitable for printing


·         Filters  – You can filter your files and notes by project


·         Notifications – you can customize the type of notifications you receive

·         Task Reminders – you can get reminders for tasks that are due soon

·         Event Reminders – you can get reminders for upcoming events

·         Time zone Support – you can set your time zone

·         Setting up Projects  – we made it easier to set up projects, join projects and to invite others to projects

New Account Structure

Free Accounts

Groupiful accounts are free and allow users to create or join 5 projects, each with 5 collaborators and 100 MB of storage.  For a limited time, users can also earn additional projects by inviting new Groupiful users to join their project.

Premium Accounts

If a user, team or business needs additional projects, users or storage, they can subscribe to one of Groupiful’s premium plans.  When subscribers create a new plan, they can choose to use one of their free plans or to create a premium plan.  Storage limits are shared amongst all of a subscriber’s premium plans.

Subscribers will now be able to share subscriptions with other users.  For example, if Bob subscribes to the Team plan, he can add his employees Grace and Nancy to his subscription.  This way, Bob, Grace and Nancy will all be able to create premium projects under Bob’s subscription.

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