Grip On Slip Launches a new product for To prevent Slips on Slipery Surfaces


PRLogJuly 8, 2015 Grip on Slip is proud to announce their new anti-slip products- providing solutions to a creating a safe walking surface for your residence and commercial property such as commercial building, mall, office building and parking lots. The application of the product does not need an expert but requires strict understanding of instructions and from then on, it’s a breeze.

According to statistics, slips and falls account for accidental deaths second to vehicle accidents. It is effortless to note that slip and fall accidents are awfully serious wherever and whenever. We help property owners and residents create a safe environment. The Grip on Slip coating for your outdoor walking surfaces is ideal for your concrete, surfaces, porcelain, wooden flooring, with the longest lasting life and with resistance up to 100%.

Why grip on slip?
Slipping and falling is a personal injury claim or case based on a claim that the property owner is negligent in allowing a dangerous condition to exist causing the fall. Our product saves property owners money from lawsuits and saves a person from extra and outstanding medical bills, and from any pain and body harm that might come from the accident.

About grip on slip
Grip on Slip is the manufacturer of anti-slip products since 2013 for your walking surface treatment, to improve slip resistance of shower floors, enamel baths, floor tiles, wooden flooring and many more. The treatment works agreeably on damp surfaces to help improve the leverage of walking. Our product is quite easy to use as there is no need of any expert for the application process. We have quality product and services designed for buyer’s satisfaction. This is a perfect option to avoid injuries because of slips. Our product is dynamic and our persistent research team is continuously improving the product to perfection.

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