Global BlockChain Summit Selects CEO, Andre De Castro, of BCoT as a Keynote Speaker


Andre De Castro Beijing, China

MANHATTAN, N.Y.June 22, 2016PRLog — Blockchain of Things, Inc., leader in the Industrial Internet of Things space, provides powerful blockchain integration solutions. Today, Blockchain of Things announced their invitation to speak at the Global BlockChain Summit held in Beijing, China on June 23, 2016. The event will focus on China becoming the world’s blockchain innovation center. The standardization and industrialization of blockchain technology will promote economic growth and innovation. Blockchain technology provides for the transformation of the Internet: from an information corridor to an open platform for value exchange.

Recognizing the alignment of its mission statement with the core goals of Blockchain of Things, the Summit Committee invited Mr. Andre De Castro to attend and speak in-depth of the solutions that blockchain technologies can address. Mr. De Castro will be discussing how the use of blockchain technology for the Industrial Internet of Things can solve many of the present challenges faced by this growing sector.

Some of the areas of which blockchains can address are:

• Security complexities of the new landscape that are emerging with the proliferation of devices
• Enablement of peer-to-peer communications across globally distributed devices
• Capability to control vast numbers of decentralized devices, via central administration
• Utilize blockchain to enable compliance and governance for autonomous systems, sensors, and devices

In addition, Mr. De Castro will also announce the future release of their leading edge product the Catenis Enterprise ™ Platform.

Catenis Enterprise™ is the flagship product of the Blockchain of Things™ Inc.  It can be used to empower the world’s devices, systems, and applications. Catenis Enterprise™ makes it easy to utilize the power of blockchains to enable peer-to-peer communication, governance, chain of custody, and reliable messaging all with military-grade encryption and security. This allows organizations to innovate faster, improve business agility, and increase efficiency resulting in clear competitive advantages and significant cost reductions. The robust nature of blockchain technology allows for the secure transmission of assets and immutable data storage across peer-connected devices, systems, applications, and smart contracts. Catenis Enterprise™ allows industries and enterprises to fully engage the power of global cryptographic networks with ease. Catenis Enterprise™ provides the only complete blockchain integration platform for the Industrial Internet of Things via SaaS, SOA, and APIs.

About Blockchain of Things, Inc.

Formed in 2014, Blockchain of Things Inc. has become the leader in creating enterprise-class security infrastructure software leveraging the capabilities of a cryptographic blockchain for the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) using the Catenis Enterprise™ platform.  The company is located in New York City in the United States.

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