Gemma Bovery (2014) – Trailer English Subs


Directed by : Anne Fontaine
Produced by : Ciné@, Albertine Productions
Genre: Fiction – Runtime: 1 h 39 min
French release: 10/09/2014
Production year: 2013

Martin is a former Parisian bourgeois-bohemian, who has now become (mainly of his own volition) a baker in a Normandy village. All that remains of his youthful ambitions are a powerful imagination and a vivid passion for great literature, in particular that of Gustave Flaubert. We imagine his emotional state when a young English couple, with strangely familiar names, take up residence in a small neighboring farm. Not only are the newcomers called Gemma and Charles Bovery, but their behavior seems to be inspired by Flaubert’s heroes. For the creator slumbering within Martin, the opportunity to shape – apart from his daily bread – the destinies of flesh and blood characters is too good to miss. But pretty Gemma Bovery has not read the classics, and she fully intends living her own life.

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  1. Do anybody know what is the song starts @0:28? Didn't found it in soundtracklist : ((

  2. 0:55 hahahahahahahaha! true that

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  5. Does anyone know the piece of classical music that is played during the church scene in Rouen?

  6. Benevolent​Will​BTrivializd HipHop Art Culture
  7. I click on it because I was curious if it got anything a bit related to the real Gemma Arterton and then
    @ 0:15, YES!!

    update: I hate her role in the movie. I should feel sorry for the character but somehow I couldn't.

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