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PRLog (Press Release)Mar. 22, 2014JAIPUR, India These days everyone gets busy in their office schedule and daily life. We have several tasks to do in our daily life. However there are several events in our life that matters a lot for us and we never want to miss those events. These events may be birthday, wedding anniversary or special meeting in offices. It can give you pressure if you don’t know that how to manage all these tasks with your daily schedule.

Just think, you forget to wish your loved ones on their birthday, then what will happen? Obviously they will show anger on you and definitely you never want to happen the same. In another case, you have business meeting next week and you forget to prepare for business meeting due to hectic schedule, then it will make definitely negative impact on your job.

You can escape all these problems if you have reminder in your phone or device. Future Scheduler app developed by appsicum team can resolve all these problems. Its functionality is very easy and you can get this app for iPhone, Android and BlackBerry.

Future Scheduler lets allow you to do all several tasks such as scheduler a phone call, text message and automatic post on social media like Facebook and Twitter. Now forget the problem of forgetting and don’t waste your time in write down your schedule on papers. Just use latest technology that named as future scheduler app and install this app in your iPhone, Android phone and BlackBerry. This app automates the recurring events and tasks right on your mobile. You can schedule easily:

1.       Phone Call

2.       Text Message

3.       Email

4.       Social media updates(Facebook, Twitter)

You can create alerts with very easy and intuitive interface. Once, you schedule any message or call. Future scheduler app will send the email/text message for you. It also provide option of connect a call or post message on Twitter/Facebook.

Apart from all these activities, these can be synced with your calendar so you can avoid bulk outmoded entries. If you not carry your phone with you, it will still present there in your alternative calendar.  Like thus, it will work as your own private secretary to schedule future phone calls, text messages, emails and social media updates in very simple manner.

Features of Future Scheduler are very attractive that you will love when you have it in your phone. Its features can be seen as describe below;

1.       It can sync easily with device calendar

2.       It provides snooze function for reminders

3.       It can import contacts from your Facebook account

4.       You can add multiple recipients for sending text and Email

5.       This app will provide you log of scheduled activities

6.       You can use desired or your favourite template for text and Email.

7.       You can schedule events once, daily, weekly, monthly or early as well.

8.       This app is integrates with phone book and let you do add recipients easily.

After reading so much benefits of Future Scheduler no one can stop themselves to buy this app. Appsicum offer this app for iPhone, Android phone and BlackBerry store. You can easily find this app in iTunes store.

Future Scheduler App for iPhone:
https://itunes.apple.com/ us/app/future- scheduler/id515936…

Future Scheduler App for Android phones:
https://play.google.com/ store/apps/details? id=org.dev.and…

Future Scheduler App for BlackBerry World

http://appworld.blackberry.com/ webstore/content/ 110388/?l…

For more information about Future Scheduler (http://futurescheduler.appsicum.com/) you can visit http://appsicum.com/

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