Future Scheduler: App allows you to Schedule message, social media post and important phone


PRLog (Press Release)Mar. 28, 2014JAIPUR, India Several times it happens that we forgot to make any important call and message to our loved ones. This entire problem occurs when we got stuff in any kind of work. However, everyone use different methods to resolve all these problems so that they can remember important dates. Some people use notepad and mark all important days once in a month or use notepad for daily purpose that can remind them about their schedule work. While on the other hand some people use smart methods that are technology friendly and never let you forgive any important date or task. In this series, here is mentioning one app named as Future Scheduler powered by Appsicum developer team. This app has several interactive features that you will love to use always.

This app provides you facility of scheduling text message, phone call, Email and Social media updates including twitter and facebook. Its operating function is very easy and you will be able to schedule important business meetings, wishing anniversary/ birthday and another important thing in life. This app allows you to schedule several message at a time so there is no issue of multi messages. You just have to schedule any message at a particular time and forget about anything. This app will notify you about reminder any provide you option for make a call/ make an instant message/post and snooze it for some time. After some time it will buzz automatically and provide you same facility again. Some important features of this app described below where you can have a brief look about functionality of this app.

1.    Synchronization with device calendar.
2.    Provides snooze function for reminders.
3.    This app can import contacts easily from facebook.
4.    Multiple recipients for text and Email
5.    Provides log of scheduled activities.
6.    You can use templates for text and Email
7.    You can schedule message daily/ weekly and monthly
8.    It have user friendly interface with touch screen in mind.
9.    This app can integrate easily with phone book to add recipients conveniently.

When you schedule any message or event it stores this in database and notifies you on exact date or time.  However, you will be asked for permission before sending any message or post any status on your wall before posting. In this manner you will have option to reject any message if you don’t want to message or call that time and you can do it with later. In this way future scheduler app keep your scheduler very easy and work as personal secretary. This app charge once and you can use it for multiple times. Future Scheduler app is available for iPhone, Android and BlackBerry users. You can find this app easily on iTunes store and BlackBerry store.

It doesn’t matter which type of device you are using you can download Future Scheduler app for iPhone, Android and Blackberry device. In this manner you will be able to schedule your important message and post easily. Future Scheduler app is developed by Appsicum team and becoming popular increasing. Cost of this app is $ 1.99 and very helpful to make easy your schedule. If you have any query regarding this app, then you can contact to developer of Appsicum Phone Team.

You can download Future Scheduler for iPhone from here:

https://itunes.apple.com/ us/app/future- scheduler/id515936…

You can download Future Scheduler for Android from here:

https://play.google.com/ store/apps/details? id=org.dev.and…

You can download Future Scheduler for Blackberry from here:

http://appworld.blackberry.com/ webstore/content/ 110388/?l…

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