FuelGenius introduces remote site fuel monitoring


PRLog (Press Release)Mar. 9, 2014TSIM SHA TSUI, Hong Kong FuelGenius provides a monitoring solution for remotely located fuel tanks, or any situation where fuel theft, security or reliability is of importance. FuelGenius communicates through the cellular GSM network or wired network connection. It is suitable for multiple sites, or a single site. Alerts and notifications can be set when fuel reaches low warning or critical levels, as well as monitoring for abnormal fuel usage and sudden drops. FuelGenius has a MODBUS and CANBUS interface that connects to generators to give genset-monitoring capabilities as well.

An ideal application for FuelGenius monitoring system would be at cellular network or telecom tower sites. These sites generally have a backup generator and on site fuel storage tanks. Using the FuelGenius ultrasonic fuel level sensor mounted on the fuel tank an accurate reading of the current fuel level can be achieved. The operator can set a low warning and critical level and receive a notification when fuel reaches this level. This ensure your site is always ready to perform in the event of a line power outage.

MODBUS, CANBUS or power monitoring sensors attached to FuelGenius expand the capabilities of the system to monitor genset as well. Many generators have a MODBUS or CANBUS interface that provides information such as generator status, oil temperature, engine temperature, RPM and much more. This information can also be collected by FuelGenius and notifications sent if generator statuses are outside of pre set parameters. Fuel consumption can also be compared to generator output to check that when fuel level drops the generator is powered on.

FuelGenius can be used as a standalone system at a single site, with alerts being generated by the base unit itself. However, it is also ideally suited to multi site locations, again such as a network of cellular telecom communication towers. The data from all sites can be fed back to a central management server software. This displays all sites, graphs fuel consumption, generator output etc. A mapping feature can show site locations overlaid to Google earth. The software even has the capabilities to take IP or analog video camera feeds from on site surveillance and synchronize it with fuel level sensor data.

FuelGenius can also be expanded in a modular way to include remote site access control. Control access to the site, or the tank by way fo RFID cards. Monitor who accessed the site, restrict site access and check on employee time and attendance on site when performing maintenance.

FuelGenius is an innovative solution to a unique problem or monitoring fuel level across a network of sites from a single location. it protects your fuel assets against theft, leakage and gives you the ability to monitor generator performance measured against fuel consumption. You can ensure fuel deliveries took place, verify fuel delivery billings, check on employee activities and make sure your site is always at the ready for optimum performance should line power fail.

For more information on FuelGenius and what it can do for you visit the FuelGenius website at http://www.remote- fuel.com. FuelGenius is part fo the Viacam Security System group of companies. http://viacam- security.com

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