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PRLogJune 18, 2015 Summary: CMS2CMS, automated website migration service is presenting a new opportunity for all Drupal users who are looking to become WordPress owners. From now on, the service supports the Drupal Image Module migration to the default WordPress Media Manager and therefore makes the Drupal to WordPress migration even more seamless and trouble-free.

Ternopil, Ukraine – 17/06/2015 – CMS2CMS, the world-known automated website migration service, has added Image Module to the supported migrations options in Drupal to WordPress conversion.

CMS2CMS team is constantly working in order to satisfy the evolving needs of our clients and enhance the migration based on their feedback and suggestions. As the result, today CMS2CMS service offers the Drupal Image Module to be converted to the WordPress default Media Manager without intensive hands-on.

For those unaware, the following items are currently supported by the CMS2CMS service and can be migrated from Drupal to WordPress in a fully automatic manner:

pages, posts, categories,

tags, comments,

content images, users, internal links,

attachments, menu items, 301 redirects.

What are the benefits of migration with CMS2CMS?

No Coding Skills Required

There is no need in tech background in order to convert Drupal website to WordPress. The interface of CMS2CMS service is extremely simple and the migration setting up doesn’t usually take more than a few minutes.

No Installation Needed

Due to the fact that CMS2CMS is web based, there is no need to install any extra software. The Internet connection is the only condition of automated switch.

Free Demo Migration Available

In order to observe how the system works, it is possible to set up a free Demo Migration. The clients are provided with the opportunityto migrate up to 100 pages with the related content to the test site for free with CMS2CMS.

To find more information on how to convert website content from Drupal to WordPress, visit this link: cms/supported- cms/wordpress/


CMS2CMS is the automated migration tool that allows its users to migrate their website content from one CMS platform to another without getting their feet wet over mountains of codes and scripts. The main philosophy of this online service is make the migration process fast and convenient for any user no matter whether experts or non technically savvy alike.

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