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Aug. 25, 2015PRLog — Creating online visual content for a website, blog or social pages just got a whole lot easier. iKomee banner maker is a free online tool for creating web graphics suitable for any online project. The easy to use drag and drop interface gives users the ability to create fully customized profesional banners in minutes.

So often free tools turn out to be not so free or just not worthwhile. However, the iKomee banner maker is one of those few products that really delivers. It is free, easy to use and creates stunning results without having to download or learn a complicated program.

Using the simple drag and drop intrface, it is easy to create banners in any size or color for your website, blog, advertising campaigns, Youtube, Facebook, Google+ and  other social pages and online projects. Users can select from a library of over 3000 high quality images and icons or upload their own images and photos. Additionally there is a full set of tools that gives the user complete creative control with the ability to resize and change the colors of any image. Users can select a color pallete according to their exact needs and add styled text with over 30 trendy fonts and various text effects.

Even users who lack inspiration, dont have a designers touch, or simply want to save time, can still create stunning professional banners by selecting a pre-designed banner template and editing accordingly. The banner templates are 100% customizable and a great starting point to create a unique design that matches their needs.

Social media marketing and blogging has changed the landscape of online marketing. Small business owners are becoming more and more savy with regards to handling their own online advertsing and using social media and blogging platforms as a way of connecting with their target market in a more cost effective manner. This hands on approach is being facilitated by the introduction of new DIY internet tools that greatly enhances the ability of business owners and webmasters to output fresh promotional content quickly and more cost effectively. iKomee banner maker is one of these new innovative tools that gives bussineses the ability to create their own advertsing campaigns quickly and without the expense of hiring a professional grphic designer. Gone are the days of waiting for proofs and the wste of time and effort on

iKomee definately ranks as one of the best and probably easisest to use banner makers available. The drag and drop interface gives anyone the ability to create fresh stunning banners with virtualy no learning curve; users will be designing professional banners from the start. Simply sign up for a free account and start creating.

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