Following a lightning-paced funding round, RepairTech, Inc. unveils new software to shake up IT


PRLogJune 30, 2015SAN LUIS OBISPO, Calif. The nimble team over at RepairTech ( are making big moves in the relatively stale IT market. Since their launch in 2012, RepairTech’s team of seven have had their heads down refining what they call the “revolutionized computer repair process.” The new process dramatically reduces the time spent repairing computers, a large pain for tens of thousands of IT professionals.

After the initial release of TechSuite and two years of successful bootstrapping, RepairTech hit the road to close their seed round at lightning pace. “The fundraising process went as fast as it did (less than two months) for two reasons. First, the relationships we made through the Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship in San Luis Obispo. We’ve met lifelong friends and outstanding business partners there, and it’s been invaluable to us. Secondly, we had a clearly defined goal for this round: To make TechSuite the standard repair tool in the computer repair industry” says CEO and co-founder Ian Alexander. The additional funding will be dedicated to not only continue improving TechSuite and increase marketing efforts, but to also quickly release their next product, Kabuto ( Over the past several months, the team has been quietly developing a new tool to “bring more business back to repair shops.” Kabuto is a lightweight application to help detect new issues on the client’s machine as they come up. When there is an alert, the client is notified and presented contact information for their preferred repair shop. The technician is also notified so they can reach out to client if they choose.

“Kabuto will help shops keep customers loyal instead of going to a big box shop simply because they forgot the name of the shop they went to last,” continued Alexander. “This helps IT Pros build their brand and maintain a dependable customer base. We make software to help IT companies grow their business. This is just one of the ways in which we do that. Kabuto will help shops get more business while TechSuite helps them handle it.”

RepairTech has not made a statement about Kabuto’s release date. Kabuto is currently in middle of a private beta and is expected to be released in the coming months. “We’re taking painstaking effort to really nail the experience,” concluded Alexander. “We want to get this in the hands of technicians as soon as possible, but we’re making sure that it’s a product techs will love before we release it.”

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