Filmmakers Sanctuary Studios launches the World’s First Multimedia Studio Campus to empower the human spirit


Studio Gates are Now Open for Business

PRLog (Press Release)Feb. 24, 2014LOS ANGELES, Calif. Feb. 24, 2013Castaic, Calif. – The high-profile and growing demand for inspiring and empowering media content from the Life Styles of Health and Sustainability (LOHAS) and Family-Friendly Entertainment marketplace prompts Filmmakers Sanctuary Studio (FMSS) in Castaic, CA (just 30 miles north of Los Angeles, CA on the 5 freeway) to capitalize on what is becoming a mainstream phenomenon of goodness and a better world that works for all.

Filmmakers Sanctuary Studio will hold its grand opening and open house on Saturday March 1st from 2 – 6pm to celebrate its’ 70,000 sq. ft. studio campus with 6 major soundstages, 2 screening theaters, production and post-production office spaces and 80 acres of canyon wilderness for outdoor filming.  Everyone is invited.

Says Shan Hashemizadeh, the new Studio owner, “This is an open call and invitation to the Los Angeles/Worldwide Entertainment Community and High-tech/Telecom Industries to establish a home campus with us for a wide variety of entertainment and media properties like Feature Films, TV series, Music videos, TV/Theatrical Commercials, Mobile Media Series and Webisodes we know are in planning and in production development. We are committed to creating a better world through empowering entertainment and to supporting companies’ and individuals’ creative dreams and successes come true.”

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27567 Fantastic Lane, Castaic, CA 91384

Stated Steve Robertson, the new Studio Head and General Manager of Filmmakers Sanctuary Studios, “Once considered a niche market, the LOHAS demographic constitutes $ 355 billion in annual U.S. spending, has an annual growth rate of 10% and is comprised of 50 million plus adults who are defined as “Cultural Creatives.” Similarly, the Family-Friendly Entertainment Marketplace, comprised of some 110 million people, is represented by $ 75 Billion in annual U.S. spending.  We also know that the Self-Improvement media marketplace is worth $ 11 Billion annually and has a 6.2% annual projected growth.  For anyone focused in these marketplaces, we are the Studio they have been waiting for.”

With a keen awareness about where major corporations are focusing their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and advertising dollars, Filmmakers Sanctuary Studio understands that in the game of winning brand-loyalty, this is no longer a function of how many eyeballs you can attract.  States Robertson, “Corporations are looking for consumer engagement with their brands and this will most effectively happen when the Company ethos is philosophically aligned with doing good and their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) campaigns dollars walk-the-talk in creating measurable differences in communities and with causes people care about.’

Robertson continues, “When this alignment occurs and the story narratives of commercials speak to the heart and soul of what matters most to people; the betterment of their personal life, their family’s life and community and our world, then both shareholders and society win!  Do good and make lots of money, this is a no-brainer that can only make anyone feel good about life, profiting from business and the legacy of contributing to the betterment of humanity and our planet.  Filmmakers Sanctuary Studio answers the call for this burgeoning marketplace demand and will do whatever it takes to support the success of those companies and/or individuals who produce on campus with us.”

When asked about how a variety of high-profile entertainment producing executives and talent might react to the 30 minute drive from Los Angeles drive to Castaic, Robertson responded, “I’ve lived in the Beverly Hills area for over 10 years and I could not tell you how many times I spent 45 minutes or more in the car just trying to get from Santa Monica back to Beverly Hills.   During rush hour times one can expect to drive 15 miles and spend an hour of more in the car.  I’ll take driving 30 miles in 30 minute any day of the week.”

Filmmakers Sanctuary Studios’ eco-friendly, comprehensive and Lifestyle focused campus offers the unique ability for anyone to work smart, have fun and play as hard as they can possibly imagine.  The Studio campus, is literally within walking distance from a Starbucks, a free public state-of-art community swimming and sports complex and Castaic Lake, which offers RV and tent camping, fishing, swimming, hiking, horseback and mountain bike trails, water skiing/wakeboarding and even a professional remote control airplane flying area with a runway strip plus much more.  Just a short drive away from the Campus one can find a wide variety of fine-dining restaurants.  For off-road enthusiasts the Studio Campus is a short drive from the second largest off-road motorcycle, four-wheel vehicle park in California.

Robertson concludes stating, “Let us not forget the insightful wisdom and prediction of Norman Lear, one of the great American TV writers and producers of all time, who said “It is becoming increasingly clear to me that the search for transcendent meaning is one of the great phenomenon of our times. Forward-looking promotion directors and marketing executives should recognize that people’s thirst for higher purpose represents a new frontier for programming and promotions.” Filmmakers Sanctuary Studios is rising to meet this very market demand and is excited about supporting entertainment producers and corporations alike who want to do good, make the world a better place and profit from it.”


Steve Robertson, Studio Head/GM

Phone: 310.871.2965 direct

Email: fmsstudio1111@


Steve Robertson

(310) 871.2965 direct

Email: fmsstudio1111@




27567 Fantastic Lane, Castaic, CA 91384

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