Export import news help traders forecast their business plans


PRLog (Press Release)Apr. 19, 2014NEW DELHI, India Every business works in the anticipation of future changes in its working environment. The export and import industry is probably the most volatile industry as it is heavily dependent on foreign exchange. Unless and otherwise traders are abreast of the latest happenings in the industry they will lose out to competition and subsequently will have to close business.

Export import news now available in an easy manner than before. Seair Exim Pvt Ltd has launched its online portal where the latest news regarding export and import businesses are updated on a regular basis. The company launched the service with the motive of helping fellow businessmen to get a foothold in the tough industry. With ever changing business environments featuring frequent foreign currency rate fluctuations, recessions in various parts of the world, indebtedness of nations, downgrading of credit worthiness by international financial institutions, international trade has become more risky and unsafe than ever before. It has become necessary for traders to be aware of the happenings promptly to safeguard their businesses or to take actions to seize business opportunities.

A need was felt since long for a dedicated channel through which information and news related to export and import can be transmitted to international traders. Since Internet is the best and inexpensive medium to reach out to millions of viewers simultaneously, a web portal has been launched where export import news of India and other major countries will be reported on a frequent basis. The news provided in the portal is true and unbiased leading to better decision making by traders. It is prepared and compiled by professionals who have strong background in both shipping business as well as journalism. Latest news will replace outdated news which will still be available in the archives section of the website.

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