Evolve IP Expands Cloud Services Internationally


PRLog (Press Release)Jan. 29, 2014WAYNE, Pa. Today Evolve IP, The Cloud Services Company™, announced it is now offering its award-winning cloud-based Unified Communications services to international locations with headquarters in the United States. The new service allows organizations that were previously mired with multiple, older, legacy systems to take full advantage of a single hosted solution with advanced features and lower costs.

One of the nation’s fastest growing cloud service companies, Evolve IP provides organizations with a unified option for cloud services with its Evolve IP OneCloudTM solution. Today, more than 50,000 users in the US and globally depend daily on Evolve IP for virtual data centers /servers, virtual desktops, unified communications, disaster recovery, contact centers (http://www.evolveip.net/ call-centers/) , and more.

Benefits of Evolve IP’s international offering may include:

·         Improved productivity with advanced cloud services including call center, call recording, applications, Lync, vServers, EOD, and others.

·         Advanced cloud-based unified communications features and functionality across enterprise offices using Evolve IP’s award-winning platform and the elimination of multiple premise-based PBX providers.

·         Reduced Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) due to the reduction in soft costs for maintenance and support of multiple PBXs.

·         Business Continuity with automatic redirection of inbound telephony calls.

·         Easy, remote management of cloud services via the OSSmosis Administrator Portal on the Evolve IP platform.

·         Reduction in monthly telecom spend by moving another location’s services to the cloud.

“With Evolve IP’s cloud services, companies gain features, save money and simplify their business,” says Scott Kinka, Chief Technology Officer at Evolve IP. “Our US-based customers, who have offices abroad, are looking to realize the same benefits in their International locations, where the complexity of managing a disparate system is greatly amplified. Pulling all of their locations into a simple, hosted service, regardless of location, provides significant value to the business.”

Evolve IP’s international product offering provides services to more than 50 countries, and offers customers a local presence in their markets. As part of the international product set, Evolve IP offers the full suite of features and functionality for Canadian offices including extension dialing between offices.  In addition, Evolve IP is able to offer carrier level services for origination and termination of both local and Toll Free numbers.

For more information about Evolve IP’s suite of cloud services, visit http://www.EvolveIP.net. For more discussion about how cloud services can improve business, visit Cloud IQ (http://blog.evolveip.net/) .


Evolve IP is The Cloud Services Company™. Designed from the beginning to provide organizations with a unified option for cloud services, Evolve IP enables decision-makers to migrate all or select IT technologies to its award-winning cloud platform. Evolve IP’s combination of security, stability, scalability, and lower total cost of ownership is fundamentally superior to outdated legacy systems and other cloud offerings. Today, more than 50,000 users across the globe depend daily on Evolve IP for cloud services like virtual servers, virtual desktops, disaster recovery, unified communications, contact centers, and more. Visit www.EvolveIP.net or http://blog.EvolveIP.net.

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