Entrepreneurs from Uganda & the United States Discuss Challenges and Creative Solutions in Social


PRLog (Press Release)Feb. 22, 2014KAMPALA, Uganda Kampala, Uganda (20 February 2014) — Today, Unreasonable East Africa (http://www.unreasonableeastafrica.org/) , in partnership with the United Nations Foundation’s Global Entrepreneurs Council (http://www.unfoundation.org/ gec) (GEC), hosted local entrepreneurs in Kampala, Uganda for a roundtable discussion on key global issues affecting entrepreneurs. The discussions focused on how entrepreneurs around the world can collaborate to address vital social and economic challenges.

“One of the most important things we provide our entrepreneurs is a global network that will stay behind them.” said Joachim Ewechu, CEO and Co-Founder of Unreasonable East Africa.”We are so proud to host the GEC and connect them with our entrepreneurs. We know this will go a long way in providing them with the unreasonable advantage they need in addressing East Africa’s greatest challenges.”

The newly named 2014 Unreasonable East Africa fellows include 15 entrepreneurs from across the East African regiontackling tough social and environmental problems. The new class includes Eric and Rebecca Kaduru, entrepreneurs working with 356 smallholder farmers, most of whom are women and girls, to train them in effectively growing and selling passion fruit. Village Energy also joins Unreasonable as an entrepreneur distributing solar systems for off-the-grid households which has impacted over 4,000 households from Uganda, Kenya and Tanzania.

The GEC is comprised of leading entrepreneurs, under 45, dedicated to working with the United Nations and the UN Foundation to help solve global challenges. The GEC is visiting Uganda this month to experience first-hand the life-saving work of UNHCR at Nakivale refugee camp, partake in UNICEF’s groundbreaking innovation lab, and meet local entrepreneurs and partners, such as Unreasonable East Africa,  all of which are on the leading edge of creating significant social change in Uganda.

“From the halls of Fortune 500 companies to refugee camps in Africa, entrepreneurs are changing the world and impacting the lives of many in significant ways,” said Elizabeth Gore, Resident Entrepreneur at the UN Foundation and Chair of the Global Entrepreneurs Council. “Entrepreneurs can see opportunities through challenges and understand that sometimes risk is outweighed by the potential for good. During our trip, we – as a group of entrepreneurs – were able to learn from one another by exchanging stories and solutions that can help us better effect change for people, planet and profit — the triple bottom line for forward-thinking entrepreneurs.”

With the unique mix of world-class innovative entrepreneurs, the roundtable discussion provided a learning platform for all participants to share invaluable insights on how to do business in a global community as well as building creative and high-impact ventures.

Attendees included:

●      Elizabeth Gore (http://www.unfoundation.org/ who-we-are/experts/ global-ent…), Resident Entrepreneur at United Nations Foundation; Chair of the Global Entrepreneurs Council
●      Haroon Mokhtarzada (http://www.unfoundation.org/ who-we-are/experts/ global-ent…), CEO and Co-Founder, Webs; Vice President of Digital Products, VistaPrint

●      Ingrid Vanderveldt (http://www.unfoundation.org/ who-we-are/experts/ global-ent…), Entrepreneur- in-Residence, Dell Inc.
●      Julie Smolyansky, President, CEO, and Director, Lifeway Foods Inc.
●      Tina Wells, CEO and Founder, Buzz Marketing Group
●      Sergio Fernández de Cordova, Chairman and Co-Founder, PVBLIC Foundation


About The United Nations Foundation

The United Nations Foundation builds public-private partnerships to address the world’s most pressing problems, and broadens support for the United Nations through advocacy and public outreach. Through innovative campaigns and initiatives, the Foundation connects people, ideas, and resources to help the UN solve global problems. The Foundation was created in 1998 as a U.S. public charity by entrepreneur and philanthropist Ted Turner and now is supported by global corporations, foundations, governments, and individuals. For more information, visit www.unfoundation.org.

Global Entrepreneurs Council

The United Nations Foundation has brought together some of the leading entrepreneurs under 45 through the Global Entrepreneurs Council to take the UN and the UN Foundation – and our campaigns, partnerships, and programs – to the next level of innovation and impact. Council members represent various industries including, corporate, creative community, and media and have a proven track record of entrepreneurship, philanthropy, and advocacy on global issues. www.unfoundation.org/ gec.

Unreasonable East Africa

Unreasonable East Africa using the Unreasonable Institute model gives entrepreneurs tackling the East African region’s greatest challenges an “unreasonable advantage.” Each year, the Institute match a dozen carefully vetted ventures from around the East Africa with 50 mentors (including the founder of 3 companies which IPO’d for over $ 1 billion to the co-founder of Kickstarter, which has moved 760,000+ people out of poverty) and over a dozen potential investors at a 5-week boot camp in Kampala, Uganda.


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