Empowr’s Social Economy and Its Global Effect


PRLog (Press Release)Mar. 28, 2014SAN DIEGO Empowr is a social network that combines the most functional parts of existing social networks with the benefits of popular websites like EBay, Blogger, Etsy and PayPal. With this combination of ideas, Empowr’s social economy and its global effect will allow people to create a stream of income by marketing their skills through the social media platform.

People that have limited opportunities in their cities and countries can grow their overall standard of living which will help people improve their communities. The key to this effort is ensuring that people who have skills or increased levels of financing can connect with people who need employment and offer them the opportunities they need.

Empowr’s social economy and its global effect relies on the power of networking to connect people in relatively isolated situations with people that have resources they are willing to share. People that are living in areas that are stricken with poverty often do not have access to the tools they need to improve their skillset which makes them more employable or allows them to make innovations that would be beneficial to the worldwide market.

Rewarding Networking Efforts

There are two sides to the Empowr social network.

The main priority is providing users with the opportunity to connect with people that are in need of their skills set. This will allow people to use the skills that they have to make money. Some may even be able to use their networking on Empowr as their main source of income if they do not have an adequate amount of financial opportunities where they live.

On the other hand, people that have skills that they are willing to share with others can offer to teach people different entrepreneurial skills what they know. This will help people to learn the skills that they need to get ahead in the field they are interested in or improve their earning potential. The teachers can also use this

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as a way of growing their business connections and growing their own resume by creating leadership opportunities that will impress in their own fields.

This system encourages networking amongst Empowr users because everyone can benefit from making connections within the social networking community. You can connect with others to learn skills you need or to market yourself for increased profitability. But this system also provides plenty of incentive for helping others on the page. The more you are willing to reach out to others, the easier it will be for you to benefit from the system.

Applying the Empowr System within Communities

People should be encouraged to provide more opportunities for people to get ahead economically. The more opportunities that people are given to improve their financial situation, the easier it will be for them to encourage democracy within their communities.

As people gain a voice from their improved financial standing, it will allow for a more equal distribution of wealth worldwide. Eliminating some of the disparity between countries can also help to ease some of the tensions that arise between groups of people and limit the opportunity for innovation.

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