Emily Parks to Teach Business Class on Using Evernote to Increase Productivity & Organize Your Life


PRLog (Press Release)Feb. 25, 2014RALEIGH, N.C. Emily Parks asks, “You’ve heard about Evernote being an amazing tool that helps you ‘remember everything’, but you’re intimidated by technology or not sure how it could really make your life and work run more smoothly? There are a plethora of features that make using Evernote truly awesome for entrepreneurs, C-level executives, busy professionals, small business managers, parents and anyone who wants to be more organized! Add this tool to your toolbox for greater success at work and in life.”  Parks continued, “It is Evernote’s search capabilities that separate this tool from its competition. The search feature combs through not only notes’ titles and the notebooks’ names in which those notes are stored, but it also seeks a match in all typed or photographed text in each note’s body as well as in any associated tags or URLs from which content was clipped. You can quickly locate what you need when you need it.”

This business organization and technology workshop will be held in the Training Room at Executive Office Suites in Lafayette Village in Raleigh.  Class begins at 3:00 PM and end at 5:00 PM. Check in begins at 2:30 PM.

In this Raleigh class,Using Evernote to Remember Everything – Evernote Basics, Parks will provide easy to follow instructions, teaching the basics such as set up and how to best utilize Evernote to increase productivity and efficiency. In this office organizing class you will learn how to do the following:

·      Learn what Evernote is & how it can enhance your day-to-day operations;

·      Ideas on how to immediately implement Evernote to increase productivity; and

·      Master the basics to produce notes, add notebooks, merge stacked notebooks, sort or search, share content & format notes to start maximizing your efficiency though Evernote.

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Emily Parks shared, “If you’re looking how to organize your life, Evernote is an amazing tool.  While there are enhancements available for a small fee in the Premium version or for enterprise users in the Business version, most functionality offered by Evernote is included for free, which might be the best feature of all.”

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Emily Parks can be reached at 919- 981-6397 or eparks@organizeforsuccess.biz.

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