EcoWings 6 Rejuvenating and Edifying Event of The Ecosmob


PRLog (Press Release)Feb. 27, 2014AHMEDABAD, India On the last Saturday of Feb, Ecosmobians continued their tradition by conducting the fab event EcoWings. It was the sixth time Ecosmob Technologies Pvt. Ltd. conducted the monthly event of erudition and rejoice. The ecosmobians were excited and exalted for the EcoWings 6.

The EcoWings started with funny lines by the host Ashvini Vyas, Internet Marketing Manager. It spread the wave of laughter in the audience. First Subevent was the EcoStage. Deval, Software Engineer [PHP] conducted a very interactive and informative session on OOPs [Object Oriented Programming System]. He explained the various design patterns of the OOPs concept. He made the presentation more illuminating with coding examples. He also elaborated reusability and flexibility – the powerful concepts of OOPs world. The next session was on a very significant topic, “Time Management”. Jaimin, Jr. Software Developer [PHP, Node .Js] took a very uplifting session. The manifest facts he represented edified the Ecosmob team to think over the topic and to manage time in a more constructive way. He also enlightened the approaches on how to save time and use it in a more productive way.

Next sub-event on Ecowings was EcoSpark which was conducted by Krunal, Team Lead [VoIP]. He gave advanced information on IPTables and useful Linux commands. Krunal explained each topic with limpid examples. Indeed, it was a very informative session.

The games as part of EcoWave and EcoFun sub-events were gleesome. The Human Knot game had a clear message of how to handle the predicament with serenest nature and a team work. Next game called “Ball Passing” was quite zestful. The games set by Hiten, Mayank, Sagar and Paresh was fun learning games in EcoWave segment. The last game called “Mind your Hands” was the game of concentration with a message that channelize your energies for your success within all distractions.

The last segment of EcoWings was EcoFun in which Ecosmobians had a birthday celebration of birthday buddies, namely, Hardev, Web & Graphic Designer and Khushal, Jr. Software Developer. According to the Ecosmob tradition, birthday buddies cut the cake and then sang songs. The performances were really Entertaining. Finally the event was wrapped up with some light snacks.

Succinctly, EcoWings 6 was fleeced with delectation and erudition which rejuvenated the Ecosmob team.

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