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PRLog (Press Release)Feb. 28, 2014SEATTLE In a recent story devoted to the topic of online personal information sharing and privacy, Echosec was used as an example of how easy it is for the public to search, locate, and share sensitive and often private information – all of which is open for viewing by all.  In the feature, Administrator for the Division of Criminal Investigation of the Montana Department of Justice, Bryan Lockerby, demonstrated just how easy it is to tap into sensitive, unprotected information using Echosec.

EchoSec’s unique way of harvesting and displaying dynamic and user-generated content from sites like Twitter, Foursquare and Instagram, gives EchoSec a completely unfiltered and real-time view of the world. And, as you would expect, the results from EchoSec are spectacular. It excels in the urban environment, but it is equally extraordinary in places where you would not expect to find shared data. Areas like military bases, government facilities, private facilities, disaster zones like Tacloban in the Philippines, and even in ‘impenetrable’ countries like North Korea. Recently, Echosec was swamped with user traffic during the Winter Olympics in Sochi Russia and  during the ongoing conflict in Kiev, Ukraine.

“We currently only have 6 out of a potential 480 data sources available on our site, and have already been surprised by the results” states Karl Swannie, CEO of EchoSec. “This engine is not only good for finding the best local restaurant, but will also help in catastrophes where, for instance, we can virtually recreate a space with immediate and historic data, which is critical for first responders.” Early adopters, like the police, call EchoSec, “The most advanced contemporary analytic tool for law enforcement and security intelligence professionals” .

EchoSec is the next generation of the Search that connects you with trillions of pictures and posts made by billions of people, which never normally make it to common search engines. EchoSec is the first Search Engine of its kind to realize that ‘where’ matters as much as ‘what’, and brings it all together to clearly show the insufficiencies of current data monitoring techniques to control ‘secret’ and ‘classified’ information.

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