Dragon Ball Super Trailer (Fan-Made English Sub Teaser)


English sub teaser for the new Dragon Ball Super anime TV series that comes out in July 2015. The anime will air on TV in Japan and will likely be streamed with English subtitles online by FUNimation.

This trailer is just a teaser for Dragon Ball Super made by me, for fun, as I was day dreaming about Dragon Ball! The trailer is NOT official. The day dream was strong tho, it took me 6 hours to do this 1 minute video lol. My hype is real, I can’t wait for July, Dragon Ball forever! xD

The official press release announcing Dragon Ball Super


  1. a series that erases all of GT and everything it stands for!

    haha, hilarious. man I laughed so hard. great

  2. Que bueno esta el trailer de dragon ball super..
    Solo falta que este doblado al español 

  3. Even though it's a fan made trailer, I hope in the actual series it does erase all of gt. GT SUCKS!!!! I don't wanna start a fight. DRAGONBALL 3EVAH!!!

  4. Even though this is a fan made trailer, I hope in the actual series, it erases all of gt. GT SUCKS. I don't wanna start a fight.

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