dJAX introduces Ad Server for Online Media Enterprises


PRLog (Press Release)Mar. 31, 2014BANGALORE, India The idea of building an ad server exculsively for online media businesses resulted in developing Enterprise Ad Server at dJAX. dJAX Enterprise Ad Eerver helps media enterprises to control ad serving on their own and not to depend on third-party agencies. This has dual advantages –  tracking and targeting its own past customers and gives opportunities for increased revenues from shared profits.

dJAX enterprise ad server is built with features that ensure easy maintenance and effiecient ad serving in their online business.

1. Cross platform support

dJAX system supports all types of ad formats such as Display, Mobile and Video. It evidently gets more chances for advertisers to market their brands and The publishers get more advertisers.

2. Dynamic Alert System

Dynamic Alert System communicates with both Advertisers and Publishers , and updates them on the happenings within the system promptly. Thus, it helps them to take decisions in real time and communicate instantly within the ad network.

3. Real Time Targeting and  Re-Targeting

Ownig your own online media enterprise, you will keep tracking the visitors of the site on various factors like location, behavior, interests etc. Tracking them, targeting them in real time and serving ads accordingly becomes easy with dJAX Ad Server.

Re-targeting, an advanced feature in dJAX Ad Server, helps to record the behavior of a visitor and further breaks down the targeting to deliver ads that are of that user’s interests which in turn gives great chances of turning user engagement into a sale transaction, helping advertisers’ achieve their goal.

4. Dynamic Security System

This package analyzes and detects all types of fraudulent clicks and thus helps in saving your time and money. It also allows to customize how you want the frauds to be detected.

5. Real time Bidding

Real time Bidding is one of the most prominent feature of any Ad Server. dJAX system supports bidding for advertisers to buy the right ad spaces to serve their ads, in real time.

6. Reoprting and Analytics System

This feature allows to measure traffic, study user purchase details, browsing habits etc and report them in various user-friendly formats.

7. Template Engine Support

This package has many templates and allows the user to choose a template for his ad server, depending on his line of business. Customized templates can also built based on user requirements.

8. Reliable Payment system

Payment System provides both Prepaid and Postpaid options for Advertisers which would help help in planning their budgets. Easy-to-use interface for both advertisers and publishers to add fndsp, handling daily spends etc and trac commission payouts respectively.

     In short, dJAX eases you through the process combining ad serving business with your media enterprise. It automates the entire process of bidding, targeting, serving ads and reporting revenues and frauds making dJAX a viable and desirable choice to expand your business to Ad Serving. djax_enterprise_ adserver.php

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