Developing Students’ 21st Century Skills and Knowledge


PRLogJuly 3, 2015 In today’s world, training students to become critical thinkers is essential. Learners with a firm grasp on 21st century skills are headed towards civic and economic success and are sure to take on whatever challenges the real world heaves upon them.

What are 21st century skills?
21st century skills delve on three types: learning skills (i.e., critical and creative thinking, collaborating, and communicating) , literacy skills (i.e., information, media, and technology), and life skills (i.e., flexibility, initiative, social skills, productivity, and leadership). All of these are important for students to thrive in the information age.

How can a student develop 21st century skills?
Metacognition. Aside from formal or home schooling, students must be taught how to learn on their own. To help them become independent thinkers, they must also be taught how to keep their workspace organized, monitor their learning progress, and complete scheduled tasks.

Solve problems directly. Students are encouraged to solve anticipated problems right away. Constructive criticism on the teacher’s or parent’s part is also encouraged.

Relate learnings in real life. Students retain knowledge and skills perfectly if the teachings relate to real life situations.

Utilize unlimited resources. For students to fully master 21st century skills, utilization of resources (i.e., books, computers, and immersion) is highly recommended. Technologically adept students are more likely to succeed and develop other skills when they have the resources on hand.

VCIS in Raising 21st Century Learners
Victory Christian International School (VCIS) has been raising students to become holistic and lifelong learners for 15 years now. Its curricula include classes and programs (such as culinary and life-skills boot camps, career apprenticeship or immersion, project management training, and multimedia workshops) that enable students to think critically and apply learnings in everyday situations. Victory Christian International School is enthusiastic about imparting these valuable skills to its learners and hope that they will be able to boldly apply them as young servant leaders of the 21st century.

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