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Creating simple visual representations of political data so citizens can vote for candidates that will effect the change they want. For over 200 years our politicians have been making promises that they rarely keep.  Although the invention of the telegraph, radio, television, and the internet have allowed for incredible amounts of information to be disseminated about the political process, in its current state, can only be sorted through by the political class.

Government has become increasingly complicated and difficult to navigate.  You would need to spend 40 hours a week in order to fully understand the ins and outs of our government. Congress and local government continue to spend your hard earned money without much real disclosure or analysis. What we aim to do is make this information easy to understand through visual interpretations of data, political matchmaking, and forums for your discussion.

We are creating visual representations of complex data sets for layman to use and interpret who a politician is versus the image they want to portray to the public.

With DC Rapsheet you will get up to the minute financial data (campaign finance, salary, net worth, etc.), moral data (charity donations, infidelity, scandal, etc.), political data (speeches, voting data, attendance, etc.) all in one place. No more searching the internet endlessly or reading through dozens of news sites trying to decipher hard to read political data.  You can be assured you’re getting the most accurate, up to date, unbiased information on the internet.

We accomplish this through the use of automated web crawlers, independent data input and real time data from elections, public records, polls, social media, and conventional news.  We believe this will give you the best picture of any politician available today. In short, both. The first level of data seen when you get to DC Rapsheet will be a 50,000 foot view shown in the demo version running at www.dc-rapsheet.com.  The dream is to provide so much nuanced information, through expandable menus, that it would bore even the most dedicated Political Science graduate student.

On the surface, DC Rapsheet is designed for people on the go who don’t have the time to do detailed research on their politicians. Our revolutionary take on political data ensures that everyone, no matter their level of interest in politics, will have the tools to make their vote count. Use our information to make an educated vote that elects politicians who will drive the change that you desire.  Discuss and challenge each other in our forums. Dig deeper; sometimes the information we provide will lead to more questions about an issue or candidate.  We’re only going to present the information.  The rest is up to you.

Information exists independently in hard to understand formats; the goal is to condense and create an environment where Political Science PhD’s and blue collar workers alike can understand who politicians actually are, what affects them the most, and why. In the long term we want to provide you with every data-point on a politician from the President down to your local alderman so you can make the best vote possible at every level of government

With Just 28 days left in this campaign, your support is urgently needed! Please look at all the rewards they have for those who make a contribution.  Please consider getting involved, at whatever level you can, and help “DC Rapsheet – Educate Your Vote” get funded!

We need your help:

If you can’t afford to donate, don’t worry – there are plenty of other ways you can help. Please take some time to share our campaign across your social networks and encourage your friends and family to donate.

For more information, contact us on: benjamin.smith@ rsimediagroup.com

Link to the Project: https://www.kickstarter.com/ projects/dc- rapsheet/dc- rapsh…

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