Cybersecurity Software Developer Offers Workaround to Government Censorship


PRLog (Press Release)Mar. 21, 2014WASHINGTON, D.C. Safer Social, a developer and provider of easy-to-use software that allows for advanced web-browsing, has announced a controversial new initiative to unblock the web for all. Individuals living under the oppression of unjust government-mandated Internet censorship laws in countries around the world are now eligible for free bulk licenses of the SaferVPN desktop and mobile software.

In a statement regarding the recent decision, a spokesperson wrote, “federal governments in countries around the world have made big mistakes in the blocking of select Internet content within their borders. It is not at the jurisdiction of countries, municipalities, organizations or individuals for that matter to determine which content can and cannot be accessed. The Internet is a wealth of knowledge and a global network that is owned by no one and of benefit to everyone.”

Since its inception, SaferVPN has made a name for itself as a reliable source of consumer software that allows users to browse the Internet anonymously, safely and securely. While it has become a popular tool among American expatriates for connecting to US sites such as Netflix, Hulu, Twitter, and Pandora, the Safer Social team has expanded its infrastructure to support the needs of users behind the walls of government censorship.

The “VPN” in its name is an acronym for virtual private network and is the core behind the technology in use. Users connect to one of SaferVPN’s many servers around the world where the desired content is available and, as a result, all of their internet traffic is run through that server, tricking the website into thinking that the user’s computer is now in the same location as the server. It doesn’t end there; SaferVPN is also used by those who wish for their browsing activity to remain anonymous, as well as by those wishing to secure their browsing data on public Internet networks in coffee shops, airports, and more.

By emphasizing anti-government censorship efforts, Safer Social is transitioning itself away from a provider of consumer software, and in the direction of its new identity as a global leader in the future of Internet public policy.

Free accounts are limited. Users must register at and claim their account by emailing

About Safer Social: Safer Social is a producer and provider of cybersecurity software. Founded in 2012 by cybersecurity experts, Safer Social has helped thousands of users around the world browse the Internet anonymously and circumvent governmental and/or organizational censorship restrictions as well as location-based exclusivity. SaferVPN, the brainchild of the company, was launched in 2013 as its initial consumer product.

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