Crypto Slinger: How To Benefit From It Today!


PRLog (Press Release)Feb. 23, 2014 James Renouf, author of the top selling Crypto Mania, does it again. Crypto Slinger, his newest creation, picks up where Crypto Mania left off. As the title suggests, this eBook is about generating income with various forms of crypto currency.

Crypto Slinger shows you strategies that will help generate a moderate to large profit at a very low cost. Crypto Slinger is available for $ 10.

His previous eBook Crypto Mania focused on generating income using one form of crypto currency. In Crypto Slinger, Mr. Renouf shows you how he manipulates various crypto currencies to generate income.

He gives you simple, but powerful methods that will help you prosper the most, for the least investment (anywhere between 20% to 100% profit on any given day). It’s not about working hard; it’s about working smart to generate revenue.

Crypto Slinger primarily focuses on how to manipulate crypto currencies and generate income at this very moment. Other topics discussed include:

– How to get crypto currency for an economic price

– How to get rid of crypto currency if it decreases in value

– How to find out how much various forms of crypto currency are currently worth

– How to find out the current popularity of various crypto currencies

– What to look out for in order to generate substantial return of investment

– How to find out about new crypto currency announcements

– How to trade crypto currency (In depth review of how to use

– How and where to exchange currency

Bonus Features

Crypto Slinger includes a bonus webinar with James Renouf and Mark Lyford; Mr. Lyford is currently generating substantial revenue in the crypto currency world. They will share their knowledge and answer any questions about crypto currency. The webinar will take place on February 27th; a download of the webinar will be available for those that purchase the product after this date.


Crypto currencies are a hot topic. If you’re interested in learning about and profiting from them, Crypto Slinger is a good place to start. Remember, this isn’t a get rich quick scheme, so success will require a little hard work on your end; however, the results will be worth it.

I highly recommend the purchase of Crypto Slinger. Click the link below to order: w/a/ks3mk

If you’re interested in purchasing Crypto Mania, Mr. Renouf’s first eBook in the series, click the link below. It is a great introduction to the crypto currency world. The main goal of this product is to help you gain a better understanding of crypto currency and help you break into the crypto currency “game” to generate income. Crypto Mania is available for $ 12. w/a/pd9vx

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