Corporate eDiscovery Forum: New Organizational Structure, includes new membership types


PRLog (Press Release)Feb. 28, 2014DALLAS Corporate eDiscovery Forum Knowledge Strategies (CEDF-KS) Announces New Structure

The Corporate eDiscovery Forum (CEDF), organization was founded in 2006 to provide networking and education for in-house corporate response teams managing eDiscovery. Beginning in 2014, we have announced a new organizational structure to keep up with the collaborative and knowledge strategy focused corporate environment. The non-profit organization will focus on knowledge strategies for 6 communities of practice, providing a more comprehensive education and networking opportunities for its members.  The organization is known today, as CEDF Knowledge Strategies (CEDFKS).

CEDF Knowledge Strategies expanded communities and topics include: Information Governance, Big Data Strategies, Privacy & Security, Data Analytics and Knowledge Asset Management. “The CEDF-KS group has evolved and expanded it’s focus to Knowledge Strategies which, eDiscovery is one of the communities of practice and each community informs eDiscovery’s best practices including: processes, methods and technology solutions. The new structure allows for comprehensive efficiencies to be realized with a more collaborative and knowledge sharing environment” , said Jeri Lou McKinney, founder and CEO of CEDF Knowledge Strategies.

“The group will continue CEDF-KS’s membership type (corporate-only) sessions at the regional forums. The two day regional forums will be intermixed with new member types and expanded topics to develop a more collaborative environment” , said McKinney.

New Membership Types include: representatives from academic institutions, consultants, non-profit, services & technology providers, law firms and government.

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