Conexiant PRI Replacement SIP Trunk Bundles Provide Savings for Enterprises and Call Centers


PRLog (Press Release)May 1, 2014MIAMI Conexiant Telecom now offers an easy way to switch from PSTN PRI trunks to cost-saving SIP trunks. Resellers, Enterprises and Call Centers benefit from Conexiant’s self-service portal that makes it easy to set up, provision and add SIP trunks.

Conexiant SIP Trunks provide all the features and benefits companies are accustomed to but are more flexible – the call capacity can be shared among multiple locations.

SIP Trunks use high speed broadband connections to carry calls for 50% less than traditional telephone company services.

SIP Trunk Bundles offer unlimited inbound minutes, 20 concurrent call capacity on 20 channels and 20 DIDs for only $ 199 a month.

Conexiant offers additional services and features such as E911, call forwarding, failover, multiple DIDs, Toll Free numbers and CallerID.

Private label platform allows resellers to sell a complete range of VoIP services under their own name and brand. PBX servers with FreeSwitch and Elastix are available, hosted PBX, International DIDs, DDIs, toll free origination and worldwide termination.

Conexiant Communications is a privately held company specializing in VoIP services for resellers,enterprises and call centers.

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