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Sept. 19, 2015PRLog — CloudOYE is aggressively consolidating its operations in the hosting market. With a claim to be a leading provider of cloud hosting and data center services across the globe, CloudOYE is now vigorously promoting its expertise in dedicated server hosting.

Large and complex website owners are finding that the more affordable shared hosting platform is limiting their growth and its ability to serve customers. They are realizing that dedicated hosting, albeit more expensive, is a much better hosting platform in the longer run.

When it comes to web hosting, enterprises have many choices in the market. Other options like shared and VPS are no doubt cheaper, but are not powerful enough if websites get a lot of traffic.

Companies when they sign up for dedicated service get a physical server for their exclusive use. This is enabling them:

– A High level of security: With exclusive access to their server, they can restrict unauthorized access.
– Complete control: With administrative access and root control in their hands they enjoy the ability to set up their server in any fashion.
– Get Top performance: With entire resources in their control, enterprises experience the best possible performance and computing capacity.

In the segment of Dedicated Server, India is having companies that can deliver the best hosting service.

Among the many companies, CloudOYE is strongly emerging as among the best Cloud Dedicated Server India has at present.

This Noida headquartered company is promoting the following compelling features of its dedicated server hosting capability.

– Availability of ready abundant spares to take care of any replacement.
– A highly economic server model
– An impressive network uptime of 99.5%
– Proactive provision of round the clock server health monitoring
– All packages inclusive of entire infra and service costs
– Fully managed service

In India, small and medium businesses (SMBs) are looking to make a strong web presence, and are seeking better managed services from hosting companies.

As an Information Technology expert pointed out, “Enterprises are looking for dedicated service that can custom build configurations to suit their needs”.

CloudOYE, backed by its nearly 15 years of experience, is confident of consolidating for its customers a single tenant environment employing their fully managed dedicated servers.

As per the company spokespersons, the solutions offered by CloudOYE are fully ISO 9000:2008 compliant and are offered at prices that suit any budget.

To serve a broad market, CloudOYE is offering all-inclusive business solutions for both Windows and Linux based servers.

Having installed ultra modern data centers that have deployed network hardware and peripherals from premium manufacturers, CloudOYE’s claim to have one of the finest Dedicated Server India has looks convincing.

CloudOYE, a Noida based cloud hosting service provider with domain expertise, integrated cloud infrastructure, Tier III data centers is  offering businesses fully managed services and dedicated technical support.
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