ChAtTacks is a Network for Entrepreneurs to Showcase Past and Present Projects


We provide a platform for entrepreneurs to showcase what they have done as an entrepreneur in the past and present. Members create specific entrepreneur pages for past and present projects and post directly to pages from your home feed.

Entrepreneurs can connect with other members and share entrepreneur pages!

CHICAGOJuly 20, 2016PRLog — Wouldn’t it be great to showoff what you have done as an entrepreneur and to showcase what you are currently working on or even create a page for your new business? You can create entrepreneur pages and post messages or images directly from your home feed to your entrepreneur page or entrepreneur wall. You can even share to other social networks.

Like many great websites, ChAtTacks was created to solve a need: provide a specific platform for entrepreneurs who want to showcase past and present projects while organizing and sharing their pages with like-minded connections.

Over time, most entrepreneurs acquire a body of important ideas and data that’s easily forgotten and may be lost or even spread across multiple websites and emails. ChAtTacks lets them glean this information from the sites and email folders and store it at a single location that they manage and control with the help of a user-friendly interface. But the other critical piece is to showcase what they have done in these nicely deisgned pages that can be shared and seen by other connections or even anyone that may Google search their name.

If users have a desire to post in a home activity feed — similar to their other social networking accounts, ChAtTacks is setup for that as well and you can send those messages directly to your entrepreneur pages of choice with a click of a button.

But, “not so fast” says the ChAtTacks Founder Jeff Knize.

Jeff was quoted as saying:

“We are committed to keeping things different then any other social platform and we want to keep the user experience focused on entrepreneurs and their business projects. Generic posts that do not pertain to the entrepreneur experience and excessive promotional links are frowned upon.

Intuitive User Experience

ChAtTacks features ultra simple web design and site navigation, plus a generous faqs/ section that tells users how to view and edit their profile, add an entrepreneur page, create a post and tack it to entrepreneur pages, learn how to use ChAtTacks mobile, view the activity feed section and how to make a suggestion to help the community.

A Different Social Experience

Long time users of social websites often mention the vapidity of the information communicated on the sites. While everyone’s definition of important or stimulating information is a bit different, many social site are often used to float the most banal information. This is the antithesis of what is about. When you become a member, you encounter information that is meaningful to you as an entrepreneur and interesting as well.

Social media websites that have a porous identity undergo a user-based evolution over time. The tenor of shared information changes, new styles of communication become acceptable, and people grow weary of what was once a different website. By contrast, ChAtTacks is created to accomplish a specific goal — offer a platform specific to entrepreneurs — a goal that defines the scope of what users of the website add to their business-pages/ add/ and choose to share with others.

ChAtTacks is the only that is truly geared around this private user experience. For people who feel that websites can be like crowded fairgrounds where anything goes, ChAtTacks will offer a welcome change.

It’s easy to join and it’s free, visit

ChAtTacks, Inc.
Two Prudential Plaza
180 N. Stetson, Suite 3500
Chicago, IL 60601


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