Cally Square launches the professional Asterisk IVR Designer


PRLog (Press Release)May 2, 2014 According to recent analysis, the call center and unified communication choices are driven by few important key festures:

CTI capabilities: i.e. the ability to automatically open CRM, Ticketing or external application pop-ups each time the call center agent pick-up a call or a chat

Call Recordings for Quality assurance and Training

Call center IVR tools able to interact with external Data Base or Web Service to manage dynamic scripts

Customer care agents and supervisors can now significantly improve their performances, using the Cally Square module inside the xCALLY Shuttle responsive interface, thus managing the customer interaction with a unified agent desktop experience.

When a call comes in, they can setup Cally Square, the powerful Drag and Drop visual IVR to manage each call flow.

Cally Square can look up at external Data base, to retrieve useful information about the calling customer. When the call is delivered to the queue, the agents will get the customer information directly on their IP phones thus being able to pick-up the call, according to your preferred Asterisk strategy.

Furthermore the xCALLY API provides the Computer-Telephone- Integration they need, immediately linking the external CRM database, with the Asterisk phone system, tracking customer interaction history, linking the call recordings or the IVR choices, or simply taking note inside the ticket.

Thanks to the new xCALLY CTI push technology, the integration is fast, reliable, and able to provide your Asterisk customer care agents all the information they need.

Video integration screencast is available here: TOMY92f6OQs

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