Byron Belka, President of Rain International to be Featured on Cella’s Chat Radio Program


PRLog (Press Release)Feb. 20, 2014PHOENIX Voice America Talk Radio Network, President of Rain International and widely known as a successful top distributor in the industry, Byron Belka, will join Cella Zappia, host of Cella’s Chat radio program on the VoiceAmerica’ s Health and Wellness Channel  (http:// show/2263/cellas- chat) Thursday, February 20,  at 1 p.m. Pacific Time and 4 p.m. Eastern Time.

Byron Belka, will discuss what Rain International’ s signature product Soul is and what makes this product such a powerhouse in the wellness industry.  A blend of natural organic seeds oils that delivers the most potent wholesome food nutrients packed in a certified USA facility using unheated ‘cold-pressed’ technology, Mr. Belka will discuss how this technology makes Rain International’ s use of this technology unique.   Not only has Soul been hailed as one of the most important anti-aging supplements on the market, but listen to Mr. Belka as he talks about the various medical studies done on the black cumin seed.  Hailed for centuries as the “miracle, heal-all remedy” black cumin seed has been found to be 281x more potent at fighting inflammation than aspirin.  Learn more about this fast growing international company and how you can discover this product for yourself.

Byron Belka has conventional, hands-on experience with establishing and opening up international markets. It’s no wonder why he is a highly sought-after industry trainer who has taught and presented to tens of thousands of people all over the world. Mr. Belka is deeply passionate about the Rain International organization, its products, and what it stands for. He is thrilled with the company’s directions, plans, and potential contributions that will benefit and help people globally. He is a family man who firmly demonstrates that his wife and children are his greatest blessing. In his spare time, Mr. Belka is a musician who appreciates music, sports, the outdoors, and making each precious moment with his family truly memorable.

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Cella’s Chat was created out of Cella Zappia’s personal healing experience. Each week, Cella will be your guide in teaching you how to find your own healer within. This healing is accomplished when we work to balance our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual selves. Through interviews with experts in each of their different fields of holistic wellness and medicine, you will learn how to use your own mind to create a life of health and empowerment. Deeply passionate about the subject of depression, suicide awareness and prevention, she desires to take the stigma away from this disease and provide facts and information to allow you to know there is hope. Healing through inspiration and information, Cella’s Chat invites you to create a space in your life where all things are possible. Tune in every Thursday at 1 PM Pacific Time, 4 PM Eastern Time on the VoiceAmerica Health and Wellness Channel.

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