BRAND BRACKETING – when a brand is too big for one domain name


Oct. 23, 2015PRLog — Early in the last century, print was the only medium available to share public information. By 1900, ‘all the news that’s fit to print’ had become the mission line of the New York Times. Without this slogan, ‘New York Times’ could have branded a tourist guidebook, a watch shop or a railway timetable.

As technology advanced, radio, and later, television, reinforced sight with sound. ‘Be happy-go-lucky’ was sung, and ‘Call for Philip Morris’ chanted to market cigarettes. Taglines abounded. ‘Promise her anything but give her Arpege’, ‘Duz does everything’ and ‘Which twin has the Toni?’ marked the advent of modern advertising and ‘Madison Avenue’ became synonymous with a burgeoning industry.

Toward the end of the century, as worldwide communications exploded on the Internet, the greatest information resource in history became the ‘dot-com’ revolution. Brands vied for these memorable web addresses to host their web pages. ​Over a single generation desktop computers have led to laptops, tablets and hand-held mobile devices. Social media has flourished. Blogs invite online sharing. Websites have grown exponentially in number and continue to command ever larger audiences.

​To tell their stories, many brands have grown too big for a single web address. Many now demand, at a very minimum, both a primary and secondary address. added a, introduced, joined at and hired Michael Jordan to

​Today, text messages, Tweets and videos deliver brands’ promises millions of times every hour. Ranging from .academy to .xyz, hundreds of non-traditional extensions are competing to register new web addresses. Yet, combined, all new top level domains host less than 7% of all registered dot-com web addresses.

Just as trusted curation underlies successful internet marketing, dot-com remains unrivaled as an unambiguous – and universal – web address. Online advertising may soon overtake television, radio, print and outdoor media. Only recall can cross every channel. Exclusively dot-com, Brand Bracketing with curated Missionlines will take Internet marketing to the next level. Could any brand bracketing for Missionlines be more compelling than,, or

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