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Contest Promotes Emerging SciFi Writers and Illustrators


(NewsUSA) – Aspiring artists and authors in the science fiction and fantasy arena have an outlet to finding a wider audience, thanks to the L. Ron Hubbard Achievement Award.The award, now in its 36th year, has long been an opportunity for a promising debut for professional writers and illustrators in science fiction and fantasy."The contest was formed for a purpose beyond simply giving awards – it was intended to help foster the next generation of master writers," states Joni Labaqui, the Contests’ Administrator.L. Ron Hubbard, one of the most recognized and prolific American writers, created and endowed the Writers of the Future Contest in 1983 to help foster new talent in science fiction and fantasy writing.For writers, the contest is a chance to have their work judged by professional authors who are among the masters of the SciFi and fantasy genre and to be discovered by a wide audience. Entrants retain all publication rights to their work, and there is no entry fee. The contest awards quarterly first, second, and third prizes of $ 1,000, $ 750, and $ 500 every three months. One of these four quarterly first-place winners is selected as the Grand Prize winner for the year. The Grand Prize Winner receives the L. Ron Hubbard Golden Pen Award and an additional $ 5,000.The judging protocol and prize structure is the same for illustrators. The Grand Prize Winner is chosen from quarterly winners to receive the L. Ron Hubbard Golden Brush Award and an additional $ 5,000 cash.The 35th annual award winners were Andrew Dykstal and Aliya Chen, who were honored at a gala event this spring in Hollywood, Calif. Prior to the awards ceremony, writer and artist winners spent a week enjoying workshops with established writers, artists, and publishing professionals."I feel that my career as a writer has now been catapulted," says Mr. Dykstal, Grand Prize Writing Award Winner for 2019.Ms. Chen, winner of the Grand Prize Illustrator’s Award, says: "Winning this Grand Prize Award is validation for me that illustration, which is a passion for me, doesn’t have to be limited to a hobby, but it’s definitely possible as a career."Writers can enter the contest at: www.writersofthefuture.com/enter-writer-contest/

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Need for Donor Registry Prompts Nobel Nomination


(NewsUSA) – When Dr. Bart Fisher’s son, Ivan, was diagnosed with a rare blood disorder in 1983 at eight-years-old, the only cure was a bone marrow transplant. However, at that time, there was only a small bone marrow registry in England, with 50,000 names and, in the U.S., no registry at all to find a match.Since Ivan’s death, Dr. Fisher has made it his mission to establish large marrow registries around the world that would provide the gift of life to those in need of marrow transplantation.Underscoring the need for a donor registry is the fact that every nine minutes an American dies from a blood cancer such as leukemia, lymphoma, or myeloma. In 2018 alone, there were 174,250 new blood cancer cases."I tried to take a personal disaster and turn it into a mechanism that could save the lives of others needing a marrow match," says Dr. Fisher, a Washington D.C. lawyer, and PhD.Now, due in large part to Dr. Fisher’s efforts, the National Marrow Donor Program and other marrow registries match voluntary marrow donors with patients in need of a bone marrow transplant, as well as those who have marrow failure. Since the formation of the program in 1986, more than 80,000 transplants have taken place as a result of matches found by marrow registries and over 6,200 transplants a year are performed.According to Dr. Robert K. Stuart, Ivan’s doctor, the registry was needed long before it became a reality."The skeptics said we need to develop the technology before we would be ready for a registry. But what people don’t realize is that creating the registry is what drove the technology development. We would not be where we are if we had waited to create the registry later," he says.In addition to his work to create an international registry, Dr. Fisher co-founded the Give Life Foundation, which seeks to expand the base of voluntary organ donors for the worldwide registries. In turn, the Foundation has launched the Swab for Life campaign, a program that promotes registries through pharmacies, dentists’ offices, and doctors’ offices.For his tireless efforts, the Aplastic Anemia and MDS International Foundation (AAMDS) has nominated Dr. Fisher, its founder and a member of its Board of Directors, for a 2019 Nobel Prize in two categories: peace and medicine."The Nobel Prize nomination recognizes the significant contributions of Dr. Fisher to the establishment and growth of marrow registries around the world, and we are pleased and honored to support his efforts to advance this life-saving cure for aplastic anemia, leukemia, and other blood cancers," says Neil Horikoshi, executive director and CEO of the Aplastic Anemia and MDS International Foundation."I am honored to receive this nomination on behalf of my son, knowing that the work I have done has helped thousands of people in need. That it will continue to save lives is a legacy to Ivan’s memory."To find out more about the Foundation and its mission, as well as resources available, visit https://www.aamds.org/

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Safeguard Your Jewelry on Summer Vacation


(NewsUSA) – Julie Embling and her fiancé were traveling from Milwaukee, WI to Bridal Veil, Oregon to mail their wedding invitations. It was a quick 36-hour trip that was supposed to be filled with bliss but turned horrifying when Embling noticed her engagement ring was gone.Unfortunately, the Emblings aren’t alone. In fact, Jewelers Mutual conducted a recent survey on travel and jewelry loss or theft and found that the number of jewelry losses, based on survey responses, has doubled compared to their 2015 survey. The most common place to lose jewelry? The beach (27 percent of reported losses).The survey also revealed that only 1 percent of travelers who lose jewelry report recovering the piece."Approximately 40 percent of consumers are devastated or experience a high level of emotional impact from a lost piece of jewelry," said Don Elliott, director of claims at Jewelers Mutual.Avoid becoming a vacation victim with these six travel tips from Jewelers Mutual’s new travel guide:* Take pictures of items before your trip in case you need to file a police report.* Avoid posting pictures of your jewelry and location on social media.* Leave jewelry off while swimming.* Wear or pack jewelry in a carry-on bag.* Tuck necklaces and watches under necklines and cuffs when in dangerous areas.* Keep necklaces safe and untangled in your bag by threading them through a straw; fasten earrings to an extra button to keep them together.Jewelers Mutual puts travelers’ minds at ease. The Wisconsin-based company has been in the business since 1913, and understands the value of jewelry and developing personal relationships with its customers.While some homeowner’s insurance plans cover an extent of personal property, the plans typically won’t go as far as to replace a cherished piece that is lost or damaged. For those seeking to replace their lost treasure, Jewelers Mutual works with jewelers to recreate your lost, damaged or stolen jewelry so it can continue to be a prized possession for years to come.Embling and her fiancé acted fast retracing their steps and discovered the ring in their hotel room, which happens to be the second highest place people lose their jewelry.Visit jewelersmutual.com for more information about insuring and protecting your most cherished memories. 

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Martin Brossman Will Show Job Seekers How to Shine Online at WRAL Career Expo


Quality candidates and great communicators are welcome to expand their in-person job hunt and learn how to create a professional online impression at the upcoming career event that will connect the Triangle’s best employers and workforce.

Get Hooked on Social Media for Your Career by Martin Brossman

Martin Brossman photo by DavidWilliams dwppc.com

RALEIGH, N.C.July 28, 2016PRLog — Is your social media presence, or the lack of it, hurting your job search? Find out how to optimize your online personal brand at the WRAL Capital Area Career Expo 2016 at the McKimmon Center at NCSU on Thursday, August 4th’

.”Get Hooked on Social Media” will be the featured workshop from 11 am to 12:30 pm, presented by Martin Brossman, success coach and social media consultant in Room 3. The workshop focus will be on how to use social media and LinkedIn in your job search, what recruiters are looking for, how to attract potential employers, and why online professional networking is especially important. View a short video clip here of Martin Brossman speaking about the value of professional online relationships.  He speaks year-round at Small Business Centers In the North Carolina community college system, teaches a Social Media Management Certificate program at NCSU’s Technology Training Solutions, and offers social media training and consulting to individuals, groups and businesses.

Job seekers are invited to attend the Career Expo which is open from 10 am to 2 pm. This special event introduces recruiters from over 60 major area businesses who will be looking to fill more than 2,500 job openings. Sponsors include: S.T. Wooten, Novo Nordisk, Extron, Manpower, Edsi, Youth Vilages ,ResCare, ProtoLabs, Trilliant, and the Durham County Office of the Sheriff

The Expo is organized by the Capital Area Workforce Development Board. More than 1000 job candidates are expected to participate. Attendees should dress professionally, come prepared with plenty of resumes, and be ready to drop off a resume at the door as a requirement for entry.  There is no entrance fee.


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SalesLyft Partners with Wisper Ventures for Next Phase of Growth


SalesLyft has had incredible growth in the adoption of their platform, providing mobility enablement for Ingram Micro, ROK Mobile, AT&T Partner Exchange SPs, and Microtech as well as many others

CHANDLER, Ariz.July 28, 2016PRLog — Wisper Ventures, a leasing company specializing in financing businesses utilizing wireless technology, today announced that it has provided a line of credit to SalesLyft, the SaaS leader in sales and monetization enablement services.

“Wisper Ventures understands the dynamics of the contemporary recurring-revenue model, unlike traditional funding sources,” said Scott Jonasz, President and CEO of SalesLyft. “Because they grasp the nature of our business, Wisper Ventures was able to work intelligently and intensely to structure a credit facility that meets our needs for investment in growth and product development,” he added.

Founded in 2014, SalesLyft has had incredible growth in the adoption of their platform, providing mobility enablement for Ingram Micro, ROK Mobile, AT&T Partner Exchange SPs, and Microtech as well as many others. This success attracted interest from other industries, and allowed them to expand their engagements beyond mobility into the Federal Government with two platform deployments within a few months, as well as white-labeled, distributor engagements within the B2B Enterprise and Mobility sector with Ingram Micro, a global distributor with 20,000+ Resellers, who will leverage our Mobility Enablement Platform and modules from their Logix Monetization Platform.

“As SalesLyft continues its successful growth into new industries and verticals, we will expand our investment in their platform technology, personnel, and global footprint to ensure they remain the leader and pioneer in revenue enablement services,” said Scott Peters, Partner of Wisper Ventures. “We are pleased SalesLyft selected Wisper Ventures and are excited to see their next phase of growth.”

Phoenix-based Black Dog Venture Partners provided advisory services for this transaction.

About SalesLyft

SalesLyft provides a cloud-based, SaaS platform that enables the marketing, sale, and monetization of any product, service, or solution – within a few clicks. SalesLyft’s Logix Enablement platform provides a comprehensive business management and integrated monetization acceleration system, eliminating the need for multiple SaaS Platforms, systems, and personnel to manage them. The platform is deployable anywhere and accessible from any device. For more information, visit http://www.saleslyft.com.

About Wisper Ventures

Wisper Ventures’ team has been providing financing services for more than 25 years. Our understanding of early stage growth companies with recurring revenue utilizing wireless technology allows us to finance the best in class. The team has collectively structured more than $ 100MM in venture debt and equipment leasing to support both organic growth and acquisitions. Visit Wisper online at http://wisperventures.com/ .


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Ouverture Du “Technicolor Experience Center” Destiné À Repousser Les Limites Des Technologies Et Des Contenus Immersifs


Le centre mettra contribution les expertises artistiques et technologiques de Technicolor dans le domaine de la réalité virtuelle et de la réalité augmentée

LOS ANGELESJuly 28, 2016PRLogTechnicolor (Euronext Paris: TCH; OTC QX: TCLRY), leader technologique mondial dans le secteur du Media & Entertainment, annonce le lancement du Technicolor Experience Center. Ce centre va développer des contenus, plateformes et technologies de pointe pour la réalisation de projets de réalité virtuelle (VR), de réalité augmentée (AR) et pour d’autres applications immersives.

Le centre sera dirigé par Marcie Jastrow, qui vient d’être nommée Senior Vice-Présidente des Médias Immersifs chez Technicolor. Au cours de ces vingt dernières années, Jastrow a démontré son expertise dans l’élaboration de projets pionniers pour le secteur de l’Entertainment, en combinant équipes, technologies et processus à la pointe de l’innovation. Jastrow a aussi mené à bien le développement de nouveaux partenariats de Technicolor.

Basé à Culver City en Californie dans de nouveaux locaux dédiés, ce centre regroupera à la fois les artistes et les experts technologiques de Technicolor, ainsi que des partenaires. Ensemble, ils travailleront sur la recherche et la création d’expériences immersives pour les domaines du divertissement, de la publicité et pour d’autres applications commerciales.

En tant que maison mère de The Mill, MPC et Mr. X, Technicolor a travaillé sur des dizaines de projets de réalité virtuelle et augmentée, parmi lesquels : 6×9 pour The Guardian (The Mill), Turkey 360 pour Nike (The Mill), Seul sur Mars pour 20th Century Fox (MPC) et Une introduction à la réalité virtuelle pour les Studios Felix & Paul (MPC). Technicolor travaille également à la réalisation des prochaines productions de réalité virtuelle de Suicide Squad pour Warner Bros. (MPC), Ben-Hur pour MGM-Paramount (Mr. X) et les campagnes de marketing de Jack Daniels (The Mill).

En parallèle, les laboratoires de recherche et d’innovation de Technicolor ont produit un large éventail de technologies fondamentales – des formats et outils immersifs – qui sont utilisées pour améliorer la création et la diffusion de contenus immersifs.

« Le Technicolor Experience Center va permettre à nos équipes, à nos partenaires et à nos clients de faire progresser cette nouvelle forme de storytelling, » a déclaré Tim Sarnoff, Président Directeur-gé néral adjoint et Président de Services Production.


A propos de Technicolor

Technicolor, leader technologique mondial dans le secteur du Media & Entertainment, est à la pointe de l’innovation numérique. Grâce à nos laboratoires de recherche et d’innovation de premier plan, nous occupons des positions-clé s sur le marché au travers de la fourniture de services vidéo avancés pour les créateurs et les distributeurs de contenu. Nous bénéficions également d’un riche portefeuille de propriété intellectuelle, centré sur les technologies de l’image. Notre engagement : soutenir le développement de nouvelles expériences passionnantes pour les consommateurs, au cinéma comme dans la maison. www.technicolor.com

Les actions Technicolor sont enregistrées sur NYSE Euronext Paris (TCH) et sont négociables au Etats-Unis sur le marché OTCQX (TCLRY).

Relations Presse

Emilie Megel: +33 1 41 86 61 48

emilie.megel@ technicolor.com

Relations Investisseurs

Emilie Megel: +33 1 41 86 61 48

emilie.megel@ technicolor.com

Laurent Sfaxi: +33 1 41 86 58 83

laurent.sfaxi@ technicolor.com

Relations Actionnaires

0 800 007 167

shareholder@ technicolor.com


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HP Printer Comes With a Free Tool That Diagnoses Printing and Scanning Problems


FREMONT, Calif.July 27, 2016PRLog — If it is a machine it would have some problem but, what makes it efficient is the service that comes with it. HP printers are a common device used in every other home or offices for regular printing and scanning purposes. It comes with a tool called HP Print and Scan doctor that diagnoses and resolves problems related to printer.

This free downloadable tool resolves the common printer issue without much hassle. The service has been made easier for the users who work through HP printer at home and cannot really run instantly to get it fixed. After the user has installed this tool they can get connected to the HP tech support to understand the troubleshooting steps better. If the operating system has been upgraded the software might get slow. In this case, installing or reinstalling a printer software can resolve most of the issues. If this HP tool prompts the user to install HP’s full feature software, chances are a problem might has been detected and can be resolved by installing the latest software. http://www.printerinstallationsupport.com/ hp-printer

Support for HP printer has been designed to address any of the problems related to printer through the technicians who have been trained to deal with any of the features. Fixing scan and print features can be possible by talking to them on HP printer tech support number. The number is toll-free and can be contacted anytime. Get the easy help if not, if this easy tool then the whole team at support for HP printer.

HP has made the experience smooth for the users with simple steps that can be understood from the support page or give the trouble to the team to handle. It is time and money saving with homes and offices using the printers that are less troubling.


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Datacate Now Offering Direct Connections To Cloud Providers


RANCHO CORDOVA, Calif.July 28, 2016PRLog — We at Datacate, Inc are pleased to announce that AWS Direct Connect and Microsoft Azure ExpressRoute connectivity services are now available to our clients at all of our service locations. Connection speeds of 100Mbps up to 1Gbps are available to order, and pricing includes both physical connectivity and network transit.

Enterprises large and small have deployed resources on Amazon’s Web Services (AWS) platform. AWS Direct Connect makes it easy to establish a dedicated network connection from your premises to AWS, with the benefits of private connectivity and the best possible network experience. Datacate’s AWS Direct Connect service allows our clients to augment the colocation or IaaS services that they receive from Datacate, with optimum connectivity to their services deployed on AWS, sparing their general Internet connectivity for other uses.

Microsoft Azure is an open, flexible, enterprise-grade cloud computing platform that is trusted around the world by enterprise IT professionals. Datacate’s Azure ExpressRoute service lets Azure users create private connections between Azure datacenters and the colocation or IaaS services that they receive from Datacate, offering more reliability, faster speeds, lower latencies, and higher security than typical Internet connections.

Existing and prospective Datacate clients who would like to learn more about Datacate’s cloud connectivity services are invited to contact our sales team (https://www.datacate.net/ contact-us/) for more information. Datacate is your full-service technology partner.


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Protect Yourself From Cyber Attacks With Encryption


Five words or less(NewsUSA) – Sponsored News – Much has been made about encryption and why it’s important to keeping your information safe. Yet, even after massive data breaches at major corporations (that you most likely frequent or have a connection to), it still remains one of those items that never quite seems to make it off your to-do list. Consider this: According to an article in The New York Times last year, half of American adults had their personal information exposed to hackers in 2014 alone. In an attack at the federal Office of Personnel Management, hackers stole the most sensitive personal data for 21.5 million people. This follows on the heels of a massive data breach last year at health insurer Anthem Inc., in which almost 79 million people had their personal information compromised, according to The Wall Street Journal. The problem is that the internet was never built for security. And with our mobile, on-the-go environment, experts say it’s no wonder that the idea of privacy is just that these days — an idea. “The way technology is woven into our daily lives, you can’t do without it,” Amy Danker, an employee at Epic Wines and Spirits, told the Oakland Tribune in a recent interview. “So what’s your other option? Are you gonna go back to a pager? I just assume that all my private information is already available through IP address. You don’t even think privacy exists, because it doesn’t anymore, right?” The good news is that it doesn’t have to happen to you, and the answer is simple and cost-efficient. The Gabriel app, available at the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store, was designed and built with personal privacy and security as its foundation by VirnetX, an internet security software and technology company. For just $ 10 to $ 15 per year, users can take advantage of the Gabriel app and benefit from uncompromising CIA encryption technology that will secure everything including talk, video chat, text, email and even sharing photographs or documents. No one will be able to see, hear or intercept your communications except for the party you’re in contact with because Gabriel does not transmit or store data with any third party. It’s person-to-person, end-to-end encryption that all but eliminates hacking possibilities. Other benefits include: * Making free voice or video calls or sending instant messages to other Gabriel members. * Receiving seamless email. * Sharing pictures or files that can’t be intercepted. For more information, or to download Gabriel, please visit www.gabrielsecure.com.

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Breakthrough Medical Technologies Save and Improve Millions of Lives


Five words or less(NewsUSA) – Sponsored News – Millions of people are living longer and in better health, thanks to major advances in medical technology that have produced new high-quality, cost-effective therapies. Half a century ago, a pacemaker used to treat cardiac arrhythmias was the size of a hockey puck. Today, it’s smaller than a AAA battery. Since 1980, medical technology has reduced fatalities from heart disease and stroke by more than half, reported the National Center for Health Statistics. In that same period, average life expectancy in the United States has increased dramatically — by over five years. Advances in medical technology are significantly improving patient outcomes and health-system savings, helping people lead longer and better lives. Global medical device manufacturer St. Jude Medical (www.sjm.com) estimates that throughout its 40-year history, approximately 70 million patients have been touched by one of its many life-saving technologies. New pioneering technologies are on the horizon thanks to the continued commitment for improved medical care. Companies like St. Jude Medical are exploring creative and unique partnerships to drive disease awareness and improve patient outcomes. Here are some of the most important new innovations: * Patients today can connect with their physicians through smart technology offering remote monitoring — transmitters that communicate data about a patient’s condition to their doctors without the patient having to leave home. Research shows that telemedicine expands access to health services for people living in rural or remote areas, and can assist in health care outreach to people who may be vulnerable to untreated chronic conditions. * In electrophysiology lab systems, used by doctors to manage heart-rhythm disorders, technological innovations have helped doctors reduce costs, streamline workflow and improve quality of care. Integrated lab products from St. Jude Medical make up technologies that let doctors performing cardiac procedures navigate with the help of prerecorded X-ray images. This reduces exposure to radiation for health care personnel and patients. * The use of colonoscopy and sigmoidoscopy screening tests have prevented some 560,000 people from developing colorectal cancer, according to a Milken Institute study. * Implantable spinal cord stimulation devices, which can provide relief from chronic pain by interrupting pain signals to the brain, are now available in upgradeable technology. Patients will be able to access new, improved therapies via software updates as soon as they are approved, instead of having to undergo repeat surgical procedures to have their devices replaced when new technology comes along. * Implantable devices that provide deep brain stimulation can help reduce the symptoms of Parkinson’s disease and essential tremor. About 1 million Americans have Parkinson’s disease, according to the National Institutes of Health. * Insulin pump usage results in better blood-sugar control, resulting in fewer clinical complications, reduced emergency room visits and decreased hospital admissions, according to a study by the Milken Institute. Of course, medical technology still faces major challenges, especially in expensive epidemic diseases such as heart failure, atrial fibrillation and other heart conditions. By 2030, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention projects cardiovascular disease to cost more than $ 1 trillion. But today, more than ever, companies like St. Jude Medical are leading the way to solve some of the world’s biggest health care challenges. Scientists, engineers and inventors work with imagination to transform the treatment of expensive epidemic diseases and save and improve lives.

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