benobe Officially Releases Career Exploration and Career Storytelling API


CINCINNATIJune 30, 2016PRLog — Career marketing services company benobe, LLC officially launches its web service API (application program interface) to provide natural language career search, extensive career information, and localized career stories using REST based web service calls and JSON formatted return data. benobe’s Career Storytelling API enables partner applications to include engaging and meaningful career content in their respective applications for delivery to their users.

The benobe Career Storytelling API is available by subscription and consists of four, easy-to- use web services:

• Search careers using natural language such as “I love animals and playing on the internet”
• Retrieve summary information for one or more specified careers
• Retrieve national and localized career stories for any single career
• Retrieve all career data for use in innovative interfaces and web pages

benobe career information includes expansionary career topics such as places to go for education and learning, local groups and organizations, notable women and men, and includes their 360° Career StorytellingTM videos and information.

The benobe Career Storytelling API expands the audience for benobe’s unique career content and serves to enrich career readiness applications, job search sites, and industry and regional workforce development efforts.

benobe’s Career Storytelling API: api.html

About benobe, LLC –

benobe, LLC ( is career marketing services company employing the innovative approach of 360° Career StorytellingTM to engage and inspire tomorrow’s workforce. benobe offers Career Sponsors a cost-effective means to directly reach career seekers, igniting interest and educating them on their organizational brand, mission-critical careers, and workforce development programs and initiatives. benobe has offices in Cincinnati, Ohio and Eugene, Oregon.


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