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PRLog (Press Release)Mar. 29, 2014CHARLOTTE, N.C. CHARLOTTE, N.C. – Bea is for Business, LLC., a company driven to inspire the next generation of entrepreneurs, recently released their second children’s book, Bea is for Business: The Party-Planning Venture. This is the second book in the growing Bea brand. It features the platform’s main character, eight-year-old Beatrice Banks, who at the end of the first book launched a career as a consultant committed to helping her friends launch their own business ideas.

With a nod to women’s increasing impact on the economy, this book features Bea’s partnership with her female friend, Makayla, to launch a service-based business. The book features business concepts, strategic planning, team collaboration, as well as that nagging doubt that this venture just might not work – all aspects present in the realism of modern business development and entrepreneurship. “We’ve developed the Bea is for Business brand around a series of children’s books – each of which serve as a mini case study for modern business – but they’re written for young entrepreneurs between five and nine years old,” says Jamie Brown, Bea is for Business CEO.

The Party-Planning Venture also features an aspiring female entrepreneur. A minor character is named after a real kid entrepreneur, a Charlotte 3rd grader who talked through a business idea with her parents and Bea is for Business. The first public reading of The Party-Planning Venture was done in this third grader’s class. “We knew we wanted to acknowledge her work in some way that would be cool for a student,” says Brown.

Updated classroom and do-at-home activities as well as book discussion questions to accompany the books are available on the company’s website, The Party-Planning Venture is available via the company’s website and Amazon. It is priced at $ 9.99.

Also recently available is the e-book version of the flagship book, Bea is for Business. The launch of the e-book is a direct reflection of end-user feedback. “We heard from parents and teachers who wanted to use the book in the classroom. Since classrooms today are moving more towards tablets, we leaned into that feedback and made it available,” says Meg Seitz, Bea is for Business Vice President.

The e-book is available for download via Amazon Kindle. It is priced at $ 3.99.

As an additional supplement to elementary school teachers, Bea is for Business also released their in-school business education and entrepreneurship curriculum aptly named Bea School. It is currently being pilot-tested in several 3rd grade classrooms across the country. That curriculum is available online at the company’s website. It is free of charge.

About Bea is for Business

Bea is for Business, LLC is an educational platform that teaches kids about business – with the aim of inspiring the next generation of entrepreneurs. With a growing series of children’s books, the company also offers a website featuring a wide selection of free learning resources. The educational platform adheres to the Common Core State Standards, and was founded by two MBAs, Jamie Brown and Meg Seitz, in Charlotte, NC. For more information, please visit, bea4biz or bea4biz.

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