Bea Alonzo & Enchong Dee follow the dictates of their hearts in “Magkaribal’s” sub-titled version


PRLog (Press Release)Feb. 4, 2014METRO MANILA, Philippines Passions are fueled and hearts become entangled as characters stay true to their emotions in The Filipino Channel’s (TFC) “Sub-titled Classics Presents: Magkaribal” this love month.

February opened with Gelay (played by blockbuster actress Bea Alonzo) who, out of consideration for other people’s emotions, tried to suppress her real feelings for Louie (played by actor Derek Ramsey) who tried to convince her otherwise.  Gelay’s sister and Louie’s ex-lover Victoria (played by award-winning actress Gretchen Barretto) painfully watched as the romance bloomed.  On the other hand, Alonzo’s friend Caloy (played by Kapamilya heartthrob Enchong Dee) and Chloe (played by Teleserye Princess Erich Gonzales) pursued their hearts’ desires – the former for underground fights and the latter for photography.

On the second week of February, the fight between fashion queens gets dirty as Victoria fires Vera (played by equally award-winning actress Angel Aquino) after they engage in a fiery, verbal war once again.  For Caloy, his passion for love takes a backseat as he asks Gelay to leave him after a heart-to-heart talk.  Another passion, underground sports, is also put on hold as he gets caught in a raid.

On February 15 (February 16 in Australia, Guam, Japan and New Zealand), Victoria, Louie and Gelay are caught in an awkward situation when they see each other at Victoria’s new place or Vera’s former atelier.  Vera, vengeful for getting fired by Victoria and convinced to retrieve her crown as fashion queen, schemes on the two sisters to continue fighting for the same man, hoping to see their downfall.  Meantime, her daughter Chloe goes for her new interest in photography while Caloy realizes he will never have a chance with Gelay and pursues Chloe.

On the last week of February (February 22 on TFC worldwide, February 23 in Australia, Guam and New Zealand), Gelay realizes she loves Louie and unknowingly starts to resent her own sister Victoria.

Fall in love with “Magkaribal’ s” characters and witness their passion over things they would fight for on “TFC Sub-titled Classics Presents,” all Saturdays (Sundays in Australia, Guam, Japan and New Zealand) of February on TFC worldwide.  Relive the must-see moments of TFC’s sub-titled version for non-Filipino speaking viewers on TFC’s official online service anytime anywhere starting February 1.  Connect with fellow global Kapamilyas.  Visit TFCKapamilya

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