Author Pens New Novel Centered Around The Controversial Stand Your Ground Law


PRLogJune 18, 2015COLUMBIA, S.C. Columbia, South Carolina, June 01, 2015  –  Sowjourn Publishers announces the publication of the new novel, “Know Weapon: A Stand Your Ground Mystery” by Kevin Morgan, a Columbia based writer.

Know Weapon follows Faye Becker’s dilemma as she tries to balance her faith in God and her pursuit for justice with her intense desire for revenge against the White family in town who have been tormenting her and her husband.  Set in the small fictional town of Rawleysville, SC, this novel confronts the potentially explosive topics of racism, justice, revenge and faith.

As the only witness to the shooting of an unarmed Black male by the son of the White man who murdered her husband, Faye finds herself in a precarious position.  Most Blacks in town assume the White shooter is guilty and they look forward to the realization he will finally have to face long-delayed justice.  However, Faye, to her regret, knows that while he may be guilty of other crimes; he is actually innocent in this incident.  Telling the truth will not only result in him getting away with murder based on the state’s Stand Your Ground law; it will also break the heart of her friends and loved ones.   However, if she lies about what she witnessed and she is treated as a hero in the African-American community, will she be able to live with herself?

This book highlights a trending topic in the news; the tragic shooting of unarmed Black males and the tendency of their shooters to use Stand Your Ground laws as a legal defense.  Faye, conscious of the ongoing suffering of Blacks in a racist tinted justice system, wants to do what is right, but she is also aware that justice is not blind.

Know Weapon: A Stand Your Ground Mystery is available for $ 12.00 from Sowjourn Publishers at

KEVIN MORGAN is the author of eight books, including four Christian related works, two coffee table books and two novels.  He is also the owner of a publishing company, Sowjourn Publishers, which in addition to his books, distributed a book on bullying by a local teenager.  He currently lives in Columbia, SC.

For more information about Know Weapon or to schedule book signings, talks or interviews, please visit or contact Kevin Morgan at 803-477-6636.

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