Artist Series Inc. Announces Offer of $350 Million for FUSE TV to Be Rebranded as Artist Series TV


PRLog (Press Release)Mar. 22, 2014NEW YORK Artist Series Inc. Announces Offer of $ 350 Million for FUSE TV to Be Rebranded as Artist Series TV

March 22nd, 2014

NY NY – Artist Series Inc. (New York Artist Series) announced today that it would offer $ 350 Million for Fuse TV in cash conditionally upon financing the deal. Joe DiRosa, Artist Series Inc’s Founder and Owner feels FUSE TV would be better served branded as Artist Series TV since it would allow the channel to keep it’s original programming and grow into one of the strongest channels in the consumers cable options.

The new offer for FUSE TV is a $ 150 million higher than both those by Diddy for Revolt TV and J-Lo for Nuvo TV.

Artist Series TV is about the Artists. It would be the only channel out there who would be able to cover multiple demographics and consumer demos. Where as MTV is about Music and Sundance & IFC are about film while Style Network is about Fashion.. The Artist Series TV brand would allow it to cover content in Art, Music, Fashion and Film. Rebranding Fuse TV as Artist Series TV would also allow the channel to take advantage of it’s existing content agreement with MSG and strengthen that relationship to develop more award winning content.

Artist Series Inc. would be allowed to rebrand existing content while introducing a whole new slate of planned programming of the course of time instead of a total content dismissal. FUSE TV’s young demographic would easily transfer to Artist Series TV while allowing the channel to diversify it’s programming into Art, Music, Fashion and Film.

“Artist Series TV is 100% the best possible option available for consumers and investors” says Joe DiRosa. “It will help bring back the focus on artistic talent which MTV has grown away from”.

In addition to the $ 350mm an additional $ 200mm for rebranding and programming will be needed. A $ 1 billion dollar evaluation for Artist Series TV is expected after the rebranding.

As part of the deal Artist Series Inc. is also looking for a separate $ 100mm in financing for a New York Artist Series inside Manhattan. Much of the 16 new shows in pre development for Artist Series TV would be produced at the the New York Artist Series.

New York Artist Series LLC was rebranded as Artist Series Inc. to so as to properly brand the company with their expanding line of Artist Series properties such as the New York Artist Series, L. A. Artist Series, Miami Artist Series and Artist Series TV. Plans for expansion into London, Paris and Tokyo are also planned as well.

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