Are you willing to share what has been given to you?


WEST PALM BEACH, Fla.May 25, 2016PRLog — If you are reading this post then you were gifted today with the opportunity for explosive growth! If you woke up today feeling average, then you have it all wrong. God created you extraordinary and gifted! He has left His special imprint on each and everyone of us. Please search and ask Him to reveal your special gift.

The question is, will you choose to use your gift today? Will you be bold to make a difference in those that are awaiting you to make contact with them? Will you go out of your way to be kind? Will you visit with that person that you have been putting off? Will you embrace the hurting? Will you resolve your conflicts? Will you do it before the close of this gift of today? You see, if you don’t and waste today by not doing what you know you should do, how will it affect you? Can you achieve peace knowing you have unfinished business? What if today was your last day on earth? Who would you call and tell them that you love them. What friends would you thank for supporting you? Who would you visit? What activities would you do before the close of the day?

These are just some thoughts that I was chewing on in my devotional time this morning.

It’s my prayer that folks don’t waste today. Don’t take today for granted. I encourage you make a list of folks you’ve been meaning to make contact with and just do it! I’m encouraging you today to resolve your differences with those who have been challenging. I’m praying you end your day with peace, love, joy, and happiness. Friends, make your gift of today a special one. Don’t put it off! Just do it!


Rick rickruperto


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