Ap2Cloud Helps businesses And Government Agencies


PRLog (Press Release)Jan. 30, 2014 Jan 30, 2014 – United States — Ap2Cloud is currently working with a large State government agency helping them manage migrations to the Cloud.

Ap2Cloud’s expert consultants are helping government agencies save operating dollars by managing cloud migrations and creating support frameworks to help realize the full benefits of theses new technologies. The Projects currently aim to help these agencies save many millions of dollars in operating expenses over the coming years. Additionally the level of service for agency workers and customers should be greatly enhanced with additional services expected to be phased in over the next year.

Based in Austin Texas, USA, Ap2Cloud Inc helps business and organizations realize the benefits created by new emerging Cloud technologies. “I’ve spent most of my life helping large companies gain competitive advantage with the use of technologies” , Said David Bartz, CEO of Ap2Cloud Inc. “They figured out long ago that hiring the best minds to create the best solutions with computers and technology would help them gain market share and grow their corporations, and they were right! But now with new cloud technology, that advantage can be cut short by smaller and new companies aligning their business with technology in ways that create the most value.”

That value can be realized by a strategy and implementation that allows for simple management and targeted results.

Ap2Cloud offers consulting and management products that tailor to the business and change as the business evolves. “Presently, technology solutions are static and unbending. Frankly this stuff is too complex, too costly, and too difficult to manage.”, Said Bartz. To solve this problem, Ap2cloud created a solution that can seamlessly adjust as needed without incurring huge upfront costs and massive infrastructure changes.

The Ap2Cloud platform helps bring technology to the business in a simplified manner. It offers a dashboard that lets the business manage the technology instead of the technology running the business. Seamless use of the latest technology is the goal, and lower costs with greater business benefit are the results.

Ap2Cloud services also offer businesses a virtual CIO service that helps businesses make informed and profitable business decisions that mean more profits and less hassle.

For more information visit ap2cloud.com.

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