Alegra Chetti, World’s First Appcaster!!


NEW YORKJune 3, 2016PRLog — With apps virtually taking over the world, they have become the fastest and easiest way to get news delivered instantly and in real time, straight into the palm of your hand. Basically the moment it’s happening, as it’s unfolding, news is delivered to you via your smart phone devices.

This has created the need for an appcaster position and in stepped Alegra Chetti.

Like a traditional newscaster delivers the broadcast news, Alegra delivers news straight from apps. With millions of new apps being created daily, as the world first appcaster, Alegra takes you through the hottest trending stories on apps like Snapchat, Twitter, Instagram and more. Alegra chats with her viewers as they send in their own comments and insights on the day’s breaking news.

Though Alegra focuses primarily on celebrity dating and fashion, she does cover general news stories in her live streaming chat show.

How did Alegra become the world’s first appcaster?

She began her career as an actress & model in NYC. Alegra says, “I had been performing in theatre and independent film and have been basically obsessed with the internet & social media my whole life. I love reading everything & anything based on current events & trending topics. The best thing about apps and appcasting is that you get information delivered faster than any other venue. The traditional news outlets are almost always a day behind the Internet.

“With apps, it’s faster & easier to get news as immediately as it happens. Your phone basically lights up in your hand every time a new story comes in.

“My phone is constantly notifying me of breaking stories as soon as they happen. As a media junkie, I love it!”

Alegra rounds up the trending stories on her show, as she scours these apps for the latest breaking news & fashion trends so viewers don’t have to. They can sit back and enjoy the show while getting up to date on what’s going on in the world. Or they can join in and give their own insights, which makes the show entertaining as well as informative. As it’s streaming live, you never know what will happen!

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