Aggregion Presents its Comprehensive Platform for Lawful Access to Content & Opens a Representative


Aggregion is a system for comprehensive licensing management. It is suitable for all types of content and easily scalable, allowing for nationwide and even international deployment.

LONDONJune 10, 2016PRLog — These are some of the platform’s benefits Aggregion’s General Director Nukri Basharuli touched upon while meeting with members of Kyrgyzstan’s Government and representatives of its education system.

The meeting was attended by the Kyrgyz Republic’s First Vice Premier, Candidate of Science Aaly Azimovich Karashev who is also the author of a number of monographs on various aspects of developing local self-government. Mr. Karashev expressed a keen interest in Aggregion’s platform and offered some valuable recommendations on how to effectively integrate the platform with Kyrgyzstan’s existing systems.

After the meeting, Aggregion’s Nukri Basharuli opined that Kyrgyzstan is a very promising country for implementing the platform since it has a well-developed education systems and promotes a variety of exciting research projects. Furthermore, the government actively supports this process. It would make sense to begin using Aggregion’s platform nationwide right away to ensure that scientific, educational and entertainment content is available to all users while at the same time offering the State additional tools for effective budget management.

Aggregion stands ready to provide access to textbooks (including interactive ones), audio and video materials and software for schools located in remote areas. This would also allow Kyrgyzstan’s ministries and agencies to avail themselves of the convenient “one stop shopping” arrangement for all their content needs.

Aggregion makes use of a model under which the institution pays for content made available to eligible users. Furthermore, only content that is actually used needs to be paid for, based on the number of titles and the period of time during which they are accessed. This makes a large variety of materials available to students, educators, researchers, government officials of any kind and library users – that is, anyone who wants and needs lawfully obtained quality content. At the same time, the company helps copyright holders, resellers and distributors find new customers across a variety of markets.

To conclude, here’s another great piece of news. Aggregion now has a representative office in Kyrgyzstan, which will help make our comprehensive licensing management system even more accessible for businesses, organizations and individual users in this country. While introducing the head of the new representative office to the Kyrgyz Government and key agency personnel,  Aggregion’s General Director reiterated that the company was looking forward to establishing mutually beneficial cooperation with a broad range of stakeholders in the Kyrgyz Republic.

Personnel of Aggregion’s representative office in the country will always be available to answer any questions and recommend effective solutions for implementing the company’s processing system at different levels. Aggregion will be happy to share its experience and advise its Kyrgyz counterparts on how to save substantial funds when buying licensed content and how to best monetize their own content, such as audio and video materials, interactive textbooks, scientific and educational literature, fiction and software. 2016/03/17/aggregion- presents-its- co…


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