Advantech Provides the Latest SCADA Server and Touch Panel Computers with WebAccess Software


PRLog (Press Release)Jan. 30, 2014CINCINNATI Select Advantech Touch Panel Computers (TPCs) and Embedded Automation Controllers (UNOs) can now be pre-installed with Advantech’s WebAccess Browser-based SCADA and HMI software. Just plug in the power and network cable, and the web enabled browser-based server is ready to configure a SCADA system.

These TPCs are specifically designed to provide easier operation and boost productivity in manufacturing control environments, building automation, and other HMI applications.  Quality management, statistical process control, and other higher-level computing functions generally require integration with other platforms, easy to achieve with Advantech WebAccess.

The select UNOs are a compact SCADA server, which with the inclusion of WebAccess, allow engineers to view real-time graphics, alarms, trending and logs, and control the field devices via a web browser remotely from their desktop or notebook computer. It is a cost effective way to build a SCADA communication system with field devices as the data acquisition unit.

The latest version of WebAccess is pre-installed on these devices and includes the following functions to improve its functionality: integrated Google Maps™, real-time database, remote connection and configuration of DiagAnywhere servers and over 4,500 symbols.

The dedicated WebAccess real-time database is capable of reading 500,000 records per second and recording 200,000 per second making it faster than relational databases. WebAccess can also be used on multi-touch PCs.

So, whether you’re administering to water treatment plants, oil and gas fields, or multiple buildings in many cities, Advantech WebAccess 7.1 with its Google Maps integration, DiagAnywhere connection, real-time database and 4,700 icons is the only fully featured SCADA system you’ll need to schedule tasks, manage alarms, and remotely administer any of your sites control modules from internet or intranet.

For more information or to purchase any of our other of Advantech products, please contact Advantech directly or your regional Advantech authorized distributor.

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